Varaces - The Car Chase Movie Database

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There are 3 chases. 1st: Bank robbers in Mitsubishi Montero (former "Pajero") chased by VW Golf/Polo police cars. 2nd: Plane chases car, short. 3rd: Escape to the airport.

After The Sunset

A short chases appears when Woody Harrelson is in an SUV undercontrol by Pierce Bronson. The SUV is then escorted by an LTD and a caddy until it is then pushed into a garage by an 18 wheeler.

Against All Odds

A Porsche goes up against a Ferrari, do you really need to know more?

Agent Cody Banks

A teenage spy takes a Ferrari for a wild ride.


Cult anime classic contains a motorcycle chase early on in the film. Kaneda, a bike gang leader and his close friend Tetsuo pursue the Clowns, a rival gang, and battle them through the streets of Neo-Tokyo. Chase ends when Tetsuo collides into a mutant ch ...

Alien Nation

Two aliens escape in a stolen cop car (a Chevrolet Impala) while two cops go after them in an Oldsmobile Delta 88.

Bad, BAD movie that manges to include two chases. One includes a dune buggy and a Fiat Argenta speeding through the narrow nighttime streets of a small town, and the other features an RV escaping a gas truck.

A standard, short chase with an Impala trying to reel in a Mercedes. The biggest problem is all of the quick cuts don't allow you to really see whats going on in the chase.

All the Best: Fun Begins

An impressive automotive race scene features in this Bollywood comedy. A series of Mitsubishi Lancers and Opel Astras compete across a barren road, leading to an array of carnage as cars rollover and, in one standout stunt, literally crash through each ot ...

All the Kids Do It

This short made-for-TV movie featured Scott Baio as a young athlete who gets caught up in the whole culture of driving fast and getting drunk beforehand. The main car is a Dodge Super Bee (basically a RoadRunner w/o Warner Bros. approval). Danny DeVito p ...

All the King's Men

Broderick Crawford stars as Willie Stark in this film loosely based on the story of Huey Long's life. A brief car chase appears when Willie Stark’s son, Tom, and his girlfriend speed recklessly down a highway in a Ford convertible 1937 Cabriolet. They pas ...

Allkopi Royale

Comedy short that spoofs ‘Casino Royale’ produced by Allkopi, a Norwegian printing service. Agent Allkopi 7 is sent to the Ukraine to rescue a photographer kidnapped by Ukrainian criminals. Car chase appears when Allkopi 7 travels down a deserted road ...