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Ace Drummond - Chapter 3: The Doorway to Doom

Third chapter in adventure serial featuring aviator Ace Drummond G-Man of the air. International Airways seeks to expand its services to Mongolia but a mysterious criminal known as the Dragon is sabotaging their efforts. In this chapter, car chase occurs ...

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

Ace is chased by crooks in a van. Morgan

Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls

A crook in a jeep is chased by Ace in a monster truck through the jungle. Nice.-Morgan H-C

Action movie with a small car chase scene.

Adrenaline Drive

Quirky Japanese romantic comedy about Suzuki and Shizuko, a young couple who accidentally get mixed up with Kuroiwa, a Yakuza, and make off with 170 million yen. They leave Tokyo and decide to lead the high life. Car chase occurs when all three in a Toyot ...

Adventure of the Hasty Elopement, The

Octavius, an amateur sleuth, has his vehicle carjacked by a woman eloping to her wedding. Octavius jumps into a car close by and pursues after her. He speeds past motorcycle policeman who then chases after him. The woman’s parents, wholly upset, join in t ...

A helicopter chases a blue BMW Z8 in downtown Chicago. Lots of stuff happens car gets on sidewalk. Window gets taken off. Signs get taken off. Most off all at the end the helicopter vanishes.


Nick Nolte plays Wade Whitehouse, an emotionally dysfunctional sheriff prone to violence. Wade investigates the death of a wealthy businessman who died when his friend Jack had taken him hunting. A brief night time pursuit sequence appears when Wade, in a ...