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From the writer of Akira comes another anime success. Ray Steam is a young boy who recives a small steam ball with enough power to work a fleet of war machines. In an attempt to lose men from the Ohara Foundation, Ray uses his one wheeled steam powered bi ...


This bomb of a comic book movie starring Shaquille O'Neal has three car chases. In the first chase some gangsters are trying to run away from rival gansters in a car. In the next chase is John Henry Irons aka Steel trying to escape the police on his m ...

Steel Arena

This film shows you the death-defying stunts by true daredevils and Dusty Russell, the wreakless, demolition derby daredevil driver. True crashes and stunts are promised in this flic to keep you on the edge of your seat

A boy escapes through the desert in a wind car, while two bandits chase afterhim in thier wind cars. The boy then loses control of the car and flips it over. Patrick Swayze then comes in and goes after one of the bandits. Then they both play a little gam ...

The first chase starts with villans chasing a cowboy on a bike. The cowboy's bike is pretty modified and high powered. He gets out a gattling gun and releses some grenedes out from the tail pipe. Then he get captured. The second is where the cowboy chases ...

Stickup, The

Recommended low(er) budget movie from the director of 'Striking Distance' with great plot, and a good car chase.

A weak comedy that manages to pack in some wild car chases with a Corvette and Malibu and a short bike chase. It's worth seeing since all of the chases are coordinated by Carey Loftin.

A b-movie with a short motorcycle chase through a tunnel where cars become toys and other random streets.

Stone Killer, The

Most of the movie shows off guys getting killed but there are some good chases that end up in flaming wrecks.

Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot

Sylvestor Stallone and his mom chase two baddies for a action packed chase.

This UK film adaptation of the novel contains a few chases, all of which are average but ultimately short. Initially, there is a bike chase that looks promising down mountain roads, until the character escapes in a BMW ending the chase, unfortunately. The ...

A bulletproof limo runs from a pickup to the end of a dock. The chase is short, but the way it ends is one of a kind.

Strange Shadows in an Empty Room (aka Blazing Magnums)

Nice chase where two cars jump, skid, smash and screech through the busy streets of Montreal.

Street Law (aka The Citizen Rebels)

1970s Italian crime film often compared to Death Wish starring Franco Nero as Carlo Antonelli, a victim of crime bent on revenge. Film begins with an exciting car chase in the streets of Genoa. During an armed robbery Carlo is kidnapped and temporarily ta ...