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A Russian clone of The Fast and the Furious franchise. There were apparently real street racers that took participation in the making. As expected, there\'s plenty of race scenes to go around and even a chase scene between a Lada and a Mercedes.

Streets of Fire

Visually striking rock and roll musical starring Michael Pare as Tom Cody, a soldier of fortune hired to retrieve his ex-girlfriend Ellen Aim from the motorcycle gang The Bombers. Leading them is Raven Shaddock played by a very camp William Dafoe. A brie ...

Striking Distance

The movie opens with a great police chase where the badguy does everything in his power to evade the cops.

Lot's of stock car racing plus a chase with a limo.

Another Road Warrior rip off with similar types of chase scenes. Most of the cars and sets are from Cirio's previous film Wheels of Fire. 


A talented supporting cast is wasted in this low budget, poorly shot film depicting the world of stuntmen. Robert Forster stars as a stuntman working on a set of a film investigating how his brother died performing a helicopter stunt. Included is a car ch ...

Stuntwars:Usa vs.Japan (aka Dare Devil Drivers 78)

Now this one is a very obscure movie.It probably never came out in movietheaters except maybe in Japan in the 70,s. Any plot or story in the video/DVDversions of the film were cut out to only leave the stuntsequences which we must admit are awesome!It see ...

A Oldsmobile escapes an army truck. Rather uneventful but the oldsmobile driver throws out a lighter and sparks gas and blows up the Jeep.

Four people escape assassins in this thriller. They outrun assassins until they crash. Then later Steven Seagal takes a car and drives it taking off a helicopter's wheels and crashes the car through a glass building.


The movie opens with a Mercedes and a Peugot 205 dueling in Paris

Dirty Harry escapes hitmen with molotovs, and goes after a crook on a stolen bike

A crazed man threatens to blow up a bus with special kids if the driver doesn't cooperate. Based on a true story-MHC

Sugarland Express

Spielberg's first feature length film is more of a character study than a car chase film. Not a lot of high speeds, but the screen is filled with police cars.

Sullivan's Travels

Hollywood director, John L. Sullivan, dresses up as a hobo to learn more about the life of the poor. Following him is a bus full of studio associates keeping tabs on his actions. Sullivan gets a lift from a teenager in a souped-up Ford roadster, who then ...

A band of thieves steal from a Mexican bank and travel to Argentina to launder the money. Upon their arrival the plan goes south and it's up to them to figure out what went wrong.

Sunchaser, The

Mystical road movie starring Woody Harrelson as Michael Reynolds a rich oncologist who is kidnapped by Blue, a juvenile escaped convict dying of cancer. Film follows their travails as they travel to a lake in the mountains the Navajo claim to have healing ...

Sunset Boulevard

A short car chase appears early on in this classic. Driving his 1946 Plymouth convertible, Joe Gilles (William Holden) is spotted by repossession men in their Desoto. As Gilles speeds off, they give chase. Chase ends when one of Gilles tires blows out and ...

Super Mario Bros.

There is a chase about in the middle of this bomb of a video game movie where the two main characters try to escape from the police in a pretty awsome looking police car that looks like something from Mad Max.

Short but sweet chase between a state trooper and a Miata. A speeding Porsche appears in the film for a couple of scenes also.

A man named Clint enters a solar-powered van called Vandora into a competition called Freakout. Filled with chase scenes featuring some pretty wild vans.