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TOPIC: The Darkness

The Darkness 10 years 4 months ago #5088

The Darkness is a newly released next generation title based on the comic book series of the same name. Whilst the game as a whole is very enticing, and not to mention gruesome, its main appeal for me is that its introductory cut scene and interactive sequence involves a hair raising car chase. A lot of games in the past have featured car chases, but they are seldom as cinematic as the chase presented here. The whole sequence takes place from a first person perspective, making the action all the more immersive. Check it out here.
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Re: The Darkness 10 years 4 months ago #5089

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I played that title on Xbox360 a few days ago and I like the fact that they introduced the story with a car chase. But to be honest, the way the car behaves looks funny but does it look right? If you ask me I would say this ride looks like the car is driving on rails.

Bigbudget videogames have great stories and the graphics get better with every generation of hardware but I think that look & feel of car chases need a kind of analogue behaviour, a skillful driver who is able to demonstrate that he is working with the car, able to control physics in extreme situations.

Artificial simulations often do something that looks wrong or incomplete in their motions. Sometimes it looks like there is no pysics. I think the better way to get to authentic results would be to design a driving-simulation-environment and let a driver steer it in realtime.
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