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TOPIC: Eagle Eye

Eagle Eye 9 years 4 months ago #6106

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Well, i could watch this on Monday (never go to the cinema during the week but it was bank holidays this monday) i had in my mind one movie to watch and that was Eagle Eye, since Andre showed us the trailer a few weeks ago it was a must for me to watch it, as long as action in general is featured i need to watch it, of course, as long as the plot seems interesting, i persuaded my friends of watching the movie and we finally went and see it.

The movie starts with Shia Labeouf, it shows you what kind of person he is, where he works where he lives and which his family is, after some happenings during the first minutes of the movie that i wont spoil in here he arrives one night to his apartment and finds (as seen in the trailer) many boxes and stuff in general he hadnt seen before at all, he recieves a phone call of a woman warning him that he has to leave the apartment because the FBI is about to arrive (also seen in the trailer) confused, he's scared and is finally caught by the FBI.

He's sent to the police station and he's retentioned there for a time until he recieves a new phone call, he's then said to getaway from where he is by following instructions from that misterious female voice we dont know of anything at all, the thing is he manages to scape in an spectacular way which you'll have to see to enjoy yourself, after this getaway he's said to alight from the vehicle he's on and go to a car parked at some place indicated by the woman.

At the same time we see the story of the other protagonist of this movie, the woman, played by Michelle Monaghan, we also get to know facts of her life, like the one that may be the most important towards the plot, his son Sam, he's on his way to Washington on a train when as well as Shia Labeouf's character his mum recieves a phone call with the same indications, she must go and get a car parked arround the corner, otherwise her son will suffer the consequences.

Beyond this point both main characters meet each other and is where the action with them two together starts, i wont spoil more of the plot but the next thing to come after they meet up is the car chase which in my opinion was simply superb.

They both get in the car mentioned before (for those of you interested in cars, i suppose us all, it would be odd to like chases but no cars wouldnt it?), a black Porsche Cayenne GTS, they meet in the car and both think the other one is the bad guy making the phone calls until they realize it's not like that, the misterious voice then tells them to drive as an FBI agent shoots them up, she accelerates and the car chase commences.

The chase is set at night time with a lot of traffic in the streets, of which the Cayenne has to avoid as well as the several police cars after them, the first stunt happens at the first intersection when the misterious voice changes the traffic light from green to red so a police car crashes into a car coming from the crossing street, result in a roll over, the chase continues, next of this the second stunt to come a few seconds after is when the Cayenne rams into another police car makign it to crash in a style that we last saw in Pineapple Express, we talked about it in that thread, so here we have another movie to add with that kind of crash, i like how its filmed even if close shots are there and shacky cam but it's a crash that i guess slow if shown with an almost non edited way, so i think it was kind of necessary in here, lets continue, the chase keeps on with several angles showing the cars going along the avenue as the next stunt is coming, a t bone of a pick up crashing into a police car, not much of it is actually shown but in my opinion it was good as it was.

The Cayenne evades all these mishaps as one car does which is the nice Chrysler 300 of Billy Bob Thornton and Rosario Dawson character's, they keep driving along this long straight avenue when the misterious voice tells the Cayenne's driver to speed up, it's funny to see how she keeps having problems with the transmission of the Cayenne since its a manual and doesnt know how to drive one, so she keeps changing gears without using the clutch, she reacts braking instead of speeding up as they approach an intersection but the "voice" engages the cruise control and maintains the speed, when they reach the junction the best scene of the chase in my opinion is there, a quite good and big pile up between police cars, the Cayenne and traffic cars, the Cayenne spins out of control and they are able to keep on with the getaway, unlike the Chrysler which gets totaled and cant keep its way, the crash finsihes when a poor Caddy Seville makes a nice flip over the pile up.

The chase then goes to its final part when they enter a harbour and drive between piles of junk, i wont spoil how the police cars are destroyed in here even if you know it beforehand once you see what's in the harbour, they finally jump out of the SUV and its the end of the chase, but i guess its better for you to watch it by yourself ad see how it finishes.

The other action sequence with cars was nice but felt like unoriginal completely, if you analize some of the details you can find comparisions with the tunnel scene in Die Hard 4, they're also chased by a plane instead of a helicopter, use an SUV instead of a police car and there is a similar rollover and "sequences" of the characters, it's as if the one to idealize that sequence had copied it from Die Hard 4 but just changing a few details, the thing is that after they need to get an SUV because their car has been totaled they enter a tunnel and the plane does as well behind of them, it keeps launching them missiles until it casues a car crash resulting in the back cargo of a trailer falling into their Jeep and crushing practically the rear part, i actually found this as kind of funny, the plane is then destroyed, again, in a very similar way to Die Hard 4, not as similar as to launching a car into a hidden ramp and into the air but still similar.

That was the car action int he film which i found good, specially the car chase with the Cayenne and the police cars, on a side note i will say that i found some of the sounds a bit overused, and some of them seemed like those picked from a database containing the most common ones, they were ok in general but some did feel like this, and the tyres sounded very different from a bit to another, just premade sounds put there with no edition at all i guess.

As overall i liked the movie quite a lot even if at some bits it was kind of peaced but you would soon go back to the action, i must admit i was a bit dissapointed with its end, with what that misterious voice was in the end, i had other expectations in that side and i was totally wrong, but well, it didnt dissapoint me as to dislike the movie at all, just a different finale.

So i recommend you all to go and watch this.
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