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TOPIC: Death Race (2008)

Death Race (2008) 9 years 3 months ago #5994

  • dhopkins
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I liked it. I know it makes no sense and its an overblown videogame pretending to be a movie, but it knows that. It doesnt try to be anything more than a couple of hours of entertainment. And I was definately entertained.

The driving was a joke. They had the cliche of the driver shifting whenever he needed a speed boost, as if the transmission had some sort of rocket boost attachment. They drifted around corners which would make them an even bigger target for the guns and missles behind them. I could list fault after fault, but at the end of the movie I had a smile on my face. Very little (if any) CGI, great crashes, nice Mad max versions of the cars, etc.

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Re: Death Race (2008) 9 years 2 months ago #6105

  • adri
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I caught Death Race a few weeks ago and i enjoyed it, while the plot wasn't that original at all i liked the movie overall, the plot, just an excuse to set the film inside of a prision is quite simple and topic.

Used many times in other movies the real thing starts when the main character, role played by Jason Statham is accused guilty for his wife murder, he's then sent to prision in where all the action starts, i found hard to believe in Joan Allen's hard character after having seen her in The Bourne Ultimatum in where she was always kind and helping Jason Bourne but in the end i liked her paper, she makes you feel like she's quite mean and willing to do whatever she wants no matter what it takes :P

The thing is that she uses Jason Statham's character for her own personal interest, he must be disguised as another well known driver from the prision to keep audiences up, since the races are boradcasted on TV and she wants as much audience as possible, the driver she wants Statham to substitute dies so to keep with the game she needs to make people believe he still exists, i won't get into too many details because i imagine that if some of you havent seen the movie yet will like to without any spoilers beforehand.

As for the car action the races were quite nice to see, full of action and very tense, they were practically death battles (hence the name of the movie), there were several stunts, i remember specially one featured with a Chrysler 300 in where it ends up rolling over several times, no slow motion was there so it could had been perfect if it wasnt for the annoying shacky cam appearing as expected on a nowadays movie, other crashes and stunts were also ruined because off this but still the races were enjoyable and so the entire movie was, it's a movie made for us all in here i suppose, freely stunts, races, crashes and gun battles.

The movie ending is nice, or at least was to me, i suppose you kind of expect it, each of the characters get what they deserved.
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