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WANTED MOVIE & CAR CHASE REVIEW 9 years 7 months ago #5900

Next on this year's summer car chase blockbusters line-up is Timur Bekmambetov's first foray into Hollywood: Wanted. I had seen one of his earlier outings; Day Watch, and I must say his style is very similar in vein to the Wachowskis. People perform impossible physical stunts while killing people as easily as breathing, the world they inhabit is highly kinetic and 'distorts' and 'warps' as they race across the screen, and visual jokes flit it and out of random bits of text and even the subtitles in 'blink-and-you'll-miss-it-moments'. He has borrowed this unique style of his and tossed it into this mind-numbing, over-the-top, headache-inducing potpourri of an action thriller. The tale in a nutshell, is of a reluctant hero who must become an assassin to avenge his dad while battling tons of baddies and snagging the requisite love interest along the way.

Anyway, on to the chase. If you've seen Day Watch, this chase will kind of remind you of that sequence where a crimson RX-8 drives against gravity along the sides of the Cosmos Hotel (off-topic, I had the opportunity to stay there on a family vacation to Moscow, so it was a pleasant surprise to see it again on celluloid). This time though, the colour remains the same shade of red but the model is different: a Dodge Viper SRT. The chase starts after Wesley Gibson (McAvoy) was saved by the femme-fatale Fox (Jolie) from being the next target of Cross, a super-assassin who's apparently the murderer of Gibson's father. After a convenience store shootout, Gibson takes to the streets on foot and is nearly mowed down by Cross in a Step Van before Fox appears around the corner in her Viper and scoops him up in an impressive 360.
The chase continues onto the streets beneath the El-train tracks of Chicago's famous downtown centre, 'The Loop'. Jolie breaks the windshield and fires back at the pursuing Cross with pistols before pulling a shotgun out of nowhere and continuing to blast the audience's eardrums to smithereens. Gibson meanwhile tries to steer the car through oncoming traffic while screaming and blubbering like the "ordinary-man-thrown-into-extreme-circumstances" that he is, with Fox guiding with her thighs (and by extension, giving Gibson a nice peek somewhere few men get to see :) ).
Anyway, after the odd swerving and a few collisions, Jolie fires a shot that causes a bus to swerve into Cross' path. Cross still manages to fire a few shots around the bus though, by 'bending the bullets', a technique that involves swinging your arm as if you were performing a topspin in tennis. The bullets puncture the tires as the car approaches a police roadblock. Jolie, lying on her back on the bonnet, looks at her surroundings upside down with her 'telescopic vision', makes some quick assessments, then climbs back through the windshield and into her seat. She pulls a hard left, sending the car into a sidways skid into the kerb, launching it into the air into a barrel roll over the stunned police officers (all the while with Gibson apologising in slow motion), before slamming into and toppling over another bus, driving off its side (while the bus skids down the asphalt) and back onto the road.

As I said before, it's all over the top.

My verdict? You somehow get the feeling you've seen this all before, especially if you've watched the Matrix Reloaded or any of Timur's earlier films. However, it has many redeeming qualities. The action scenes are fast, bloody, and might induce heart attacks among older audiences. There's more twists in the plot than the in the grooves of Cross' personalised bullets. And the ending, when it finally comes after so many false ones, is extremely powerful, and satisfying. Vehicular pursuits-wise, it scores many points in my book for the skillful night driving, frenetic editing, and imaginative stunts. There's a little of that infernal shakey-cam, but there are some pretty good steady shots too, especially of the major stunts, which are shown in slow-motion. Unlike Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls, this is a prime example of CGI blended seamlessly and put to good use. IMO, it doesn't come off as fake-looking as say, Skulls or XXX2: State of the Union. It was very much like Reloaded or Shoot Em' Up, where real stunts are actually performed, with CGI only used as the topping and not as an easy way out.
This guy here thinks it's the car chase of the year, but I think it's an overstatement considering I still think Vantage Point was better, and we still have the Dark Knight looming on the horizon. (Plus the fact he criticised Wanted's direct competitor, another movie I look forward to that also began with 'W', featured two robots in love, and still managed to trash Wanted at the box-office last weekend) But having said that, I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and IMO, it's one of the better chases of the year.
Popular Mechanics in conjunction with the release of this film, did a feature of the ten best car chases (which has probably been done dozens of times). Nothing unfamiliar to you guys here, but I've never seen entry #6, and it's already piqued my interest.
Comments? Opinions? Change, please? (so I can afford to see the Dark Knight. All these theatre visits are really breaking the bank. :( )

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Re: WANTED MOVIE & CAR CHASE REVIEW 9 years 7 months ago #5901

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Thanks Andre, it seems interesting indeed, ill go and watch it if possible, i'd like to at least.

Oh and by the way what's the sequence with the old Lada? i guess its not a chase at all since you didnt even mention it, no?
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Re: WANTED MOVIE & CAR CHASE REVIEW 9 years 6 months ago #5982

Sorry for the late reply, Adri. The chase with the Lada was a pursuit sequence nonetheless, but it was too short. Parts of the chase was interspersed with shots of McAvoy's character (Wesley Gibson) fighting with the assassin in the train, so we don't really get to see Jolie drive the Lada much. Probably a near-collision with a passing car in the opposite direction, and the subsequent jump and crash into the train's compartment (which really looks CGI) would count for the chase, but you're not missing much.
If you've watched it, what's your opinion? :?:

TDIT's exhilarating mashup of the coolest car flick with the best animated film of the year! Fast & Feathered 5 Click sig to watch!
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