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DALE THE MOVIE 10 years 2 months ago #5249

i recently watched the new DALE EARNHARDT movie on CMT [COUNTRY MUSIC TELEVISION] here in america. this one is DALE THE MOVIE not the the movie 3, which is a good movie too. it is a new documentary on dale's life. it has scenes of his many races, old and newer ones including his last, with interviews with his family, friends, and many coworkers, team and fellow drivers. it is stretched a little thin because of the enormous amount of footage that was made of him, but it is a really good history of the racer and the man. there was a lot of footage of him at home, fishing and feeding his animals. besides the race film, the best part was the testimonals of other drivers and people who knew him. whether you liked him or not, this movie shows why he was so beloved. the end of the film goes into the legacy of DALE JR. and talks a little about him. this part was filmed before the recent changes in DALE JR.'S racing career, which makes it a little funny to watch knowing the outcome. i assume the dvd will be out in the next couple months for the christmas season, may already be out. this will be a good movie for you CARLO, if and when you get to see it. no chases just races, but still a good movie for the fans of the man. i'm one of his biggest from 30 years ago. he is still gravely missed to this day. he is number 3 after my two children, we lost. gone but not forgotten.
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Re: DALE THE MOVIE 10 years 2 months ago #5250

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Hey Supercharger
Earnhardt was big too among european fans, thanx for the tip i will search for it on DVD.
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Re: DALE LIVES ON 8 years 6 months ago #8902

i was recently in our local WAL MART SUPERCENTER and saw a whole movie section with DALE THE MOVIE, [DALE EARNHARDT, NASCAR racer]. the movie is priced at ten dollars now. it is a incredible bargain for the NASCAR footage alone not to mention the extras in the package. it's still hard for me to watch the DAYTONA race each year even after all this time. i still miss JOHN LENNON even now. DALE JR. hasn't really lived up to his potential yet, but i still believe he made the right chioce. MARK MARTIN is coming on strong lately. i would love to see him do good this year. he was my late friend NEAL's favorite. i miss him too. MEMORIAL DAY is monday the 25th here in the USA. i had another friend of mine burn to death in a car, the other day, as we went to ohio for my wife's cousins funeral [car crash], just to come home to another friend's funeral here in KENTUCKY. i've lost several people to different types of death lately. remember your dead and hold onto your living. i thank ya'll for putting up with me and being there in all of your different places of this little world. i see we have another bunch of DETARDS, they're not smart enough to be RETARDED, on here. i guess they have to do something with theirselves.
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Re: DALE THE MOVIE 8 years 6 months ago #8919

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