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TOPIC: Does anyone get excited about movies anymore?

Does anyone get excited about movies anymore? 10 years 6 months ago #5005

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Not exactly car related, but you guys are obviously into the same types of movies i am. Over the last 10 years of my life (im 25) i noticed an increase of people being "Movie Experts" and people warning me about movies or telling me about these awesome scenes in yet to be released movies mainly due to the information found on the internet.

Call me oldfashioned, but i remember being in the 5th grade and going to the movies and seeing that big old cardboard standee of Arnold on the bike for Terminator 2. I must have talked about it for months to everyone at school. Then i saw a preview for it played on TV. WOW i was so excited, thats all i ever knew about the movie. Obviously went and saw it and was blown away. Staying on topic i will use T3 as an example. I got all excited about it, saw the poster, caught a small teaser trailer for it at the cinemas oneday, and that was all i needed. It was perfect, i went and saw the movie and i had a great time. A mate also came with me, he spends his days on the internet watching clips of movies, reading reviews and production diaries. Thats cool its his thing, but after the film i was saying how badass i thought it was and he had the "oh it was ok, the crane scene was the best but ive already seen it"

To me watching something that has a choppy framerate , bad audio distorted through crappy pc speakers and terrible compression artifacts just does not do it for me. It seems more and more people do this, and read all these reviews "not going to see it, blablah said it sucked"

As i said call me old fashioned, but there is nothing more fun than getting all ramped up for a movie through a cool poster and then not seeing anything else.

Grindhouse for example i saw the poster and was sold. Even when i went and saw 300 they began to play a Grindhouse trailer, i actually blocked my ears and closed my eyes. Yeah i may sound crazy, but i went and saw it with like 8 people, everyone came out saying "yeah the fake trailers were the best, and i already watched them on youtube" For me, i new there was fake trailers because someone told me, but i never wanted to know what they were about, when i got into the movie and saw them, i had a blast, it was like a great big surprise, just how it was meant to be!

Wow this is real long, anyways sorry its not car chase related, but just wondering if any of you guys have gone to watch a movie without reading or watching anything on it before hand. If you havent, id advise to give it a go, makes the experience a whole lot more fun.

Die Hard 4 and Transformers are my next 2 big exciting ones to look out for. Its been hard to avoid, but i still havent even seen what any of the Transfomers look like in full robot form! So im looking forward to the big impact it will have on me when i see it for the first time on the big screen!
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