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TOPIC: Deja Vu

Deja Vu 11 years 1 week ago #4321

DV has just hit cinemas here yesterday. Seeing that this is featured on the main page and SWF has posted comments in another thread, I've started this thread here for any of your thoughts or discussions about it.
The highlight of this bombastic film is the very creatively done 'car chase' in the middle. Those who have not viewed the film yet may want to skip the next paragraph as it's better you experience the chase for yourself first.
Denzel has to pursue a suspect with a device that can look back in time called a 'goggle rig' in a Humvee. Of course, this results in him trying to chase the image of his target in the past while trying to avoid traffic in the present, which makes up for some incredibly chaotic action, most notably a car barelling in the air and a semi jacknifing. One thing I didn't really understand about the chase was why the terrorist stopped in the middle of the street to stare at Denzel. Since this has already happened in the past, I wondered what the terrorist must have spotted to have stopped so abruptly and gaze at.
I agree with what SWF said in the 2006 Car Chase/Racing Films thread about the chase not revealing how the crashes happen, Tony Scott still hasn't improved his jerky MTV shots. And the 'chasee' never realises Denzel was pursing him, and his path of 'escape' is already predetermined. But there have been other examples of the target never realising he's been followed, most notably in the French Connection and the blimp chase in View to a Kill. Besides, the sheer mayhem and its imaginative premise (the scriptwriter must have been a genius!) more than makes up for its shortcomings. There are also some nice stunts involving a comandeered ambulance and a bomb-laden Bronco SUV (in separate scenes).
I have enough confidence to say that it will definitely win the Most Inventive Chase of 2006. :D

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Re: Deja Vu 11 years 1 week ago #4322

Given the debate this sequence has stirred up in these forums, I am now quite keen to watch the film.

With reference to the criteria I laid out in this thread, how does the sequence from Deja Vu fare?
a) there is at least one automotive vehicle in the sequence, be it a car, truck, or motorcycle, or so forth
b) the sequence contains a chase or a race
c) the chase or a race must involve the automotive vehicle actively chasing or racing something else
d) or the chase or a race must involve the automotive vehicle actively being chased or raced by something else

It would seem then that the most important criteria for this sequence to be considered a car chase would be point C, namely whether it is right to view the Hummer as actively chasing the Blazer.

SWF said the the sequence was more like a following scene, but I agree with AndreTeh that you can be chased by something and not be aware of it, although admittedly in most car chase scenarios the pursued is usually aware that he or she is being pursued.

The question seems to turn then on how one distinguishes 'being followed' from 'being chased', and for me this is a matter of the speed of the pursuer. Since I haven't seen the film yet, no way for me to decide, but if the spectator is meant to perceive that the Hummer is travelling at speed, then the sequence falls within the car chase domain in my opinion.
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Re: Deja Vu 11 years 1 week ago #4323

As previously mentioned, I have already expressed my views in the 2006 chase movies thread, and despite my criticisms I do wholly admire its originality, and it is really a breathe of fresh air to erupt in the shortcomings that have been seen in the past year. To explain my perception of the scene being a "follow scene", I normally label scenes that involve a subject not being actively aware of the pursuer, but this can typically be associated with scenes in which the pursuer uses elements of stealth, to prevent the scene turning into a chase. For Deja Vu however, the Hummer is definitely driving at speed to try and catch up, so I suppose it is more of a car chase, even if it does feel like one of those "race against time sequences" only involving one subject in serious action.

I agree that this will definitely win the most inventive chase award - it is one of the most inventive chases for a very long while, surpassing the previous winners as far as I can see.
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DEJA VU, CHASE OR FOLLOW 9 years 7 months ago #5756

i just recently watched this movie. the scene with the goggles is hard to put in a cateagory. it is a FOLLOW scene because he follows to see where he is going. he is also CHASING to keep up with him. it starts out with him following but ends with the chase to catch up. the time sequence difference also comes into play in this chase, present chasing past. i give credit to whoever came up with this idea for this movie. it's not new but well used.the whole movie was good, which is unusual anymore. i rarely regret not going to the movies to see a film, this is one. they could have introduced him to the group a little better but that is only a minor flaw. there was a good chemistry so a more thought out love scene would have been good. you actually wanted them to be together at the end.i hardly ever recommend a movie but this is one. i will actually buy this one someday soon.
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