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TOPIC: Music videos

Music videos 12 years 7 months ago #1508

I can't think of any others, although I'm sure some of you can - but there is one music video every car nut or chase scene chaser should see - Sorry can't recall the name of the song - but it was by Chicago. Featured a girl stealing her boyfriends late 60s 442 convertible (maybe a GTO) and doing smokey burnout after smokey burn out. The boyfriend gets a ride from some guys in a early 60s Ford F100 that basically mirrors the GMs driving style. Eventually a cop on a motor cycle gets involved. I think in the end the truck does a jump and explodes - but I could be mixing up plots with something else.

If anyone remembers this video and knows where to get it...
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car videos 12 years 7 months ago #1510

i'm the same way, i can remember the video but not the song. try YAHOO MUSIC.COM, they have a few chicago videos on there. i always liked LOVERBOY, HOT GIRLS IN LOVE,the song wasn't much but the yellow 40 ford and the blonde girl driving it were hot. of course there was the ZZ TOP videos for ELIMINATOR and AFTERBURNER. that was a sweet 33 ford, the playboy playmates didn't hurt either. there were many cars in the early videos. i don't remember a lot of them after all these years. cars seem to be making a comeback in videos lately. glad to see it. i'll try to think of more later. hope i helped.
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Re: Music videos 12 years 7 months ago #1511

STAY THE NIGHT from Chicago 17 - I should have googled before posting.

I found two links to the video - ... ter39.html
and ... t=Chicago#

I'm posting this without knowing if they work or not - I'm on a dial-up right now. I'll check later when I get home to my DSL line.
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Re: Music videos 12 years 7 months ago #1512

OK - I down loaded the the video from the first link - not the greatest quality and I don't have sound on this machine - Not as many smokey burnouts as I remember, but still pretty cool.
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Re: Music videos 12 years 6 months ago #1683

  • carlo
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Well I suppose there are a lot more musicvideos with chases and races. I can think of two right now. One is by an Australian Drum&Bass Duo called:
PURETONE - Addicted to Bass, it came out in 2003 I think and the story was in fact a Mini Mad Max1 Remake with the same cars at full speed on desert Roads even with stunts and cool chicks while the other one is maybe a bit more cheesey, it features Mariah Carey, Muscle cars and was filmed on a Dragstrip somewhere. I never saw the one from Sheryl Crow that features some Dirt Track Racing but apparently it seems to be cool?
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Re: Music videos 12 years 4 months ago #2059

  • heavymett
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thx 2ndgearscratch for "Stay the night". great music video. the singer reminds me of Sledge Hammer... I really like the idea of filling this thread with more music videos that are car-chase related. here are the ones that i know

Puretone - Addicted to Bass (2002)
As Carlo said its a Mad Max I style carchase with a big jump through a caravan!
Take a look at this website that has good pictures of that video
Download the video here (40MB, QT)

Puretone - Stuck in a Groove (2005)
A Girl escaping in a Mini and driving trough industrial halls. Chasers end up in jumping through a wall of crap.
Download the video here (40MB, QT)

Audioslave - Show Me How To Live (2004)
The Bandmembers drive Kowalskis Car. Video mixed with original sequences from Vanishing Point.
More about that Musicvideo on this website

Cardigans - My Favourite Game (2000)
A Girl keeps driving against the grain and finally crashes head to head into the tourbus of the bandmembers. Videoclip has 4 alternative (uncensored) endings. Found one here on this website (QT)

Northern Lights - Treat Me Better

The Escape Car is a 70s Ford Granada. A classic car-chase with matchbox toys!Get the video here (QT, 11MB)
Produced by

I can't wait
Another car-chase with matchbox-toys. Cops chase a girl. I don't remember where i found that. some trash-blog i think...
Here's the video (8MB, QT)
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