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TOPIC: Smokey And The Bandit series

Smokey And The Bandit series 13 years 1 month ago #922

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I was watching the Smokey And The Bandit series one night on TV, and I saw that the series was a little out of shape. Here's what I think should've gone well.

Smokey And The Bandit 3 (1983)- I think this movie would have been better off being the first. It would start out with two men that where exellent in the delivery business, and were called to deliver a giant fish to a certian place. The plot from the first movie would fit into here and continue to the end. They would still have the same stunts from the third movie though.

Smokey And The Bandit (1977)- This would've been the second movie. The trio would deliver a truck load of beer across a state. Although they would have to find some different stunts in this movie, It would have some great 18 wheeler action.

Smokey And The Bandit 2 (1980)- Now, this of course, in my opinion would be a terrific movie to end the series and would have alot more chases. You could see that the Sherif would be ready to bust the Bandits ass with his army of cops. But the bandit strikes back leaving it his victory delivering his package, and never seeing the Sherif. And you would also understand why the Buford would want to retire.

I wonder If they will ever re-make the series? If they did, would they do it like this?
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smokey and the bandit 12 years 9 months ago #1307

this is a series that should have been one great movie and left alone. the second movie was still good but used too much from the first movie.a bit hurried to get that sequel out to the public. you could tell the cast wasn't into it as much. the third movie should have been held back for a better script or shelved altogether. JERRY REED was the only real good part of smokey3 and he's mostly a real good sideman. it would have been a great boost to his career to have a big hit with this movie. the woman,can't remember her name, was juat annoying. i don't know how she got the part. this series could be remade, maybe going more towards action than comedy like CANNONBALL instead of CANNONBALL RUN. there was a chemistry on those movies between burt and jerry, then sally.that would be hard to recreate. too many times the remake just comes off stupid, when they can't get the right people and feeling. i've heard of a DIRTY MARY, CRAZY LARRY remake, i can only imagine how srewed up that will be. i saw it originally in the movie theater.
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smokey and the bandit box set 12 years 7 months ago #1620

i was at the super wal mart, the other day, and saw all three of the bandit movies 1,2, and 3 in a dvd box set for only $13.92. i almost had a heart attack. i paid about that much for a vhs copy of SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT alone, a couple of years ago. it's worth that just for the first one alone. i hope this is a new trend in car movies, the older, the cheaper. for anyone who hasn't seen this series, the first two movies are worth the price, especially the first one. i have found a couple of the other BURT REYNOLDS movies real cheap too, i expect that to change after THE DUKES OF HAZZARD movie comes out in theaters. better get them before the price goes up. who would have thought BURT REYNOLDS as boss hogg?
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