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TOPIC: street stories

Re: street stories 12 years 5 months ago #1910

Cool story, Nokatay. Your story, as well as those of supercharger, could be the material for a film. It could be in an anthology format, like New York Stories or Four Rooms, and could play the nostalgic angle of American Graffiti or Dazed and Confused.
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real stories 12 years 5 months ago #1911

that was a great story NOKOTAY, it sounds way too familar. my friend steve drove a mach1 that started out with a 351 and ended up with a 428cj [cobra jet]. he was a little older than you in '76. it was light medium blue with baby blue flames,cragar s/s rims with n50-15 mickey's on the back, shackles, air shocks, the whole nine yards back then. it would run and he was crazy enough to do it, sober or drunk. i spend my first few months of marriage in clarksville, ohio, same as illinois. miles of straight highway and fields every where. my brother in law moved in with us for a little while. his truck broke down one morning so he borrowed my CHARGER. he came back that evening said"that thing will fly". some boy in a 80 some mustang had messed with him that morning. that evening they met up again. he said he punched the gas and didn't seem like he was going that fast. the torsion bar front end was letting the front end float, the faster the car got. he looked down at the speedometer and was approaching 100 mph. he about had a heart attack. the mustang was no where in sight. the next morning, he said"i need to borrow your car". i told him you blow it,you build me a new motor. i met guy at a near by gas station, he said"you ain't the guy driving that car from the other day", then he proceeds to tell me how he got out run on some back road by my car doing around 120. i retired my brother in law from his racing career that evening before he got killed or even worse, hurt my car. by the way, when you go back a backroad, with cops behind you, turn off your lights. that helps a lot, don't ask me how i know, that's another story as we say. this was what i wanted when i started this thread, everyones got a story, no matter how wild or calm, they are good to hear. usually, the unbelievible ones are mostly the truth, but it's still hard to get your parents to go along with it. who's next to tell your tale?
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Re: street stories 12 years 5 months ago #1913

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Thanks Supercharger and TR. There's alot of stories I've told over the years and getting them to a written format whle remaing interesting has been a challenge for me. I actually left some parts out of the above story so as not to make it too long.

N-50's. LOL. I was talking to someone today about a couple of Road Runners that used to be around town sporting N-50's. Mention those to the import crowd and they haven't got a clue as to what you're referring to. It's not their fault I guess. Ahh the good ole street freak days.

Okay here's another. I had bought a '93 Pontiac Grand Am for a 100 bucks. The front end sheet metal had been pushed to the left but it drove fine and seemed to have a newer low mileage motor. I parked the car against the loading dock at work, got the forklift and backed into the left front corner a couple of times and it looked pretty copacetic. January was colder than usual that year and since I was working as a spray painter in a 90 degree spray booth all day the winter's night chill was definately causing some of those old broken bones of mine to cry out for some liquid "medicine" from Lynchburg. I stopped and cashed my check in the Friday night line at the bank and was on my way home.

There was something wrong with the steering on my Grand Am, too. It would alway make a left turn whenever I tried to go past the local watering hole. Yeah, it's the car's fault. I spent a couple of hours there and decided to head home for some supper when I noticed it was starting to snow. What with the the temperature in the low twenties the stuff was a thin white layer, but sticking and getting slippery.

The road home has a good straight mile and a half section where the end is known as the "Quarter Mile." I guess every small town has one and ours was no exception. Well at the beginning of the straightaway I started trying a little drifting, you know. Pull up the emergency brake on a front wheel drive car and gently give it power while using a little steering input to kick out the tail. The new snow was perfect as I developed a gentle swaying back and forth in my lane at about 35 mph. The view out the mirrors was pure beauty as the light powder snow was kicking up in billowy rooster tail clouds. Now somewhere around here something happened. I'm not sure if I was watching the mirrors too much or there was an ice patch or I just let the speed get too high. The little Pontiac pitched to the right and that was all she wrote.

New England farmers were a hardy breed clearing the land for crops back in the 1700 and 1800s. The land was notoriously rocky and the boulders the farmers cleared were placed in beautiful granite stone walls which stretched as far as you could see. Those walls weathered many natural distaters, blizzards and hurricanes. Many of those walls have been removed.

Well wouldn't you know it that the section of road where I managed to slide off of still had it's 200 year old 3 foot high stone wall. The car bounced off of the wall and pirouetted in a 180 and took out a mailbox next and stopped on somebody's lawn. Well they say hind sight is 20/20 but the present isn't visible and I decide to become invisible. I punched it and took off down the quarter mile, thinking how much trouble can you get in for a mailbox? I had never, ever left an accident scene in my life and still don't know what possessed me that night, OK well maybe the smell of Old No. 7 on my breath entered into it.

I was pretty sure no one saw me but I decided to not head home yet, anyways. I stopped at a friend's house where they were making history of a 30 rack and I joined in the slaughter. After 2 hours I decided it was time to head for the ranch, that and the fact that they ran out of beer. I was just a couple miles from home and parked the car went in and went to bed.

After about a half hour there was a knock at the door, and don't you know who it was? I've known Officer Claflin since I was a kid, a real good old school cop. I let him in and he explained a car matching the description of mine was witnessed hitting a stone wall and a mailbox and fleeing the scene. I described that he had to be mistaken because I bought the car with the front end damage and produced pictures of the car with the front end swayed left. He said it was interesting that the plate numbers the witnessed produced were so close to mine. Probably a transposed digit I explained, honest mistake, I added.

Officer Claflin then asked me if I knew it was illegal not have a front license plate in Massachusetts. I said "Oh no, sir, I have a front plate."

"No you don't," he told me, "I have it on my front seat. You left it stuck in the stone wall."

Well that about floored me, I was caught in a lie to a man I had respected most of my life. So I 'fessed up. He said he could smell alcohol on my breath but since it was more than 4 hours after the incident he wasn't going to push that issue but he would be mailing me a couple of tickets Monday morning.

The next morning I went sheepishly to the homeowner, apologizing and offering to pay for the damaged mailbox. It turned out they were friends of my sister and were pretty forgiving. By the time I appeared in court for the tickets I had paid $450 for the mailbox and that part was dismissed but I got a marked lane violation. I guess a front lawn isn't considered a lane of travel. I was happy to pay $100 court fees and be on my way.

Now if you're wondering what a $450 mailbox looks like, let me explain. It was one of those big plastic boxes that is supposed to be damage resistant and goes about 100 bucks with the pole, BUT... that mailbox went flying when I hit it and whacked their brand new 8' corner section vinyl fence. Being so cold the damned thing shattered when the mailbox hit it and destroyed it. Not being in a position to argue I paid for it.

The Pontiac had some pretty bad frame damage, not too surprising considering it had been weakened from the previous accident. I let my friend pick it over for parts and junked it. I went back to driving my Cherokee and of course I don't think it snowed again that year. The Cherokee was a great vehicle. That is until that thing on the beach one night...
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Re: street stories 12 years 5 months ago #1917

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One question, if we tell stories on here, can they be true or pure fiction?
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real stories? 12 years 4 months ago #1991

i started this thread telling real stories, hard as they are to believe sometimes, but as long as you tell if they are real or not, it would be o.k. half the stories you hear around a bunch of guys are bullshit anyway. i used to read a lot of books about cars in school, they helped me a lot in my retelling of stories. please submit your story too, real or not, you can be the next storyteller, if you like. i've listened to stories of all kinds, all my life, and i enjoy each one. i encourage the rest of you to tell your stories too. you listen to me enough, i want to hear from you. NOKATAY i have a story about my papaw's new 4x4 truck, i'll tell you sometime. alcohol and snow doesn't mix real well with a steep hill thrown in too.
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Re: street stories 12 years 4 months ago #1993

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good, very good!
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