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TOPIC: Muscle Fans Or Import Fans

MUSCLES VS TUNERS 11 years 2 days ago #4338

It'd be muscle for sure. Having one here in this part of the world is sure to turn plenty of heads. To be honest, I haven't seen one in real-life before (which just proves how rare it is here), but I can tell it holds a special appeal in true car aficionados. Tuners are a dime a dozen nowadays, thanks to the Fast and the Furious franchise and the latest Need for Speed games (which used to feature European exotics in earlier versions but now try to appeal to the import underground racing culture). Imports used to have a cult following, but sadly, now they just seem overrated.
There is just something humble about muscles, those dormant sleepers. Although tuners nowadays can keep up with muscles, the former just looks too flashy and showy compared to the raw understatement of the latter. Imports are like go-karts, light, zippy and nimble. Muscles, on the other hand, are like Formula One cars, heavy, utterly clumsy, but fast as hell.
However, having said that, the first car I would like to own is a Suzuki Swift, a hatchback which is a popular mod car here like the Volkswagen Golf. I realise that I will not have enough cash and time to search for a bona fide muscle unless I move to the US or Europe, so I'll settle for a Mini look-alike and save on fuel consumption. But if you offered me a choice, I would pick muscle, baby... :wink:

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Re: Muscle Fans Or Import Fans 10 years 7 months ago #4857

I have to say, I'm an import fan. However, I'm Japanese, so maybe it's just in my genes... :wink:

I do have an appreciation for muscle. My first car that I learned to drive in was a '68 Mercury Cougar XR-7 (just like the one Quentin Tarantino and George Clooney drove in Robert Rodriguez's 'From Dusk Till Dawn!)

My current "whip" is a 2003 Acura RSX. It's the first front-wheel drive four-banger I've owned, and it's proving to be a fun little grocery-getter. Plus, it's so much more fun to carve up corners with it than just stomping on the gas and driving in a straight line inside a giant albeit powerful boat of a car. Plus, it gets great gas mileage to boot!
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Re: Muscle Fans Or Import Fans 10 years 6 months ago #4983

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Could anyone imagine the Bullitt scene with a Supra and a Skyline?

Or how about the Duke boys driving around in a Mazda Miata!

even worse, The Bandit running blocker in a Toyota Prius Hybrid!!!

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