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TOPIC: Muscle Fans Or Import Fans

muscle or import 13 years 1 month ago #848

my friend, todd, had a 70 ss396 chevrolet chevelle that beat anything on the street in our area. his only competition was a primer gray 55 chevy. it looked like it just drove out of two lane blacktop, it had the fiberglass tilt front end, alum. rims, and a tunnel ram engine. it was a drag car that was driven on the street, just like in the movie. everyone ws talking about who would win. todd was a little worried because his chevelle was just a fast street car. he got mad one night after listening to a bunch of people, he went huntin' for the primer gray 55 that was calling themselves"king of the streets". a lot of money was bet between them to show their confidence. it was a very close race but todd won by a fender. the 55 missed a shift going into third. just like mlner in american graffitti, todd hung up his street racing shoes. things are getting too fast and serious out there. its not fun anymore. the primer gray 55 was raced at a local drag strip but kept losing, so it was later sold to a out of state man. this sounds like a story from a movie, but i was there, so i know it's true.
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Re: Muscle Fans Or Import Fans 12 years 9 months ago #1362

  • thejabman
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Re: Muscle Fans Or Import Fans 12 years 7 months ago #1614

  • carlo
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the primer gray '55 12 years 7 months ago #1619

i was talking about the old days with some buddies, just the other day. the primer gray '55 chevy was brought up and the stories went to flying about how bad, it used to be. my buddy got to telling me that a couple of local guys have bought the car back. it will be back on the streets again very soon. street racing is starting to get popular around here again. i expect to see a few more cars come out retirement before it's over. i know where an old maroon, formally green, '69 gto is sitting that's had a lot of motor work done to it lately. like LED ZEPPLIN said" it makes me wonder". it may get real interesting around here in the next little bit. i'll will keep you posted.
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MUSCLEcars 12 years 6 months ago #1763

i went to a local car show in town a couple of weekends ago. there were about 50 cars of different makes and models. guess what was getting the most attention, lowrider s-10 pick ups;NO, 50's customs;NO, big 90's chevrolet 4X4 with lift kit and huge tires;NO. it was a 1969 hemi orange 426 HEMI DODGE CHARGER R/T, completely stock as a rock. it was an extremely clean, lightly restored, street driven example of what a muscle car should be. it was a dream sitting there shining in the sun. the hood[bonnet] was open and the glare off the chrome valve covers was blinding. i thought the HEMI emblems on the door were fake until i saw the motor. this was a up scale, refined, gentlemanly version of the GENERAL LEE. there were a couple of riceburners but they just got a quick look on the way to the charger. i could have bought a blue 440 version of this car, years ago, for $250.00, i still kick myself for not doing it. muscle car or import, one look at this car would answer that question for good.
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Re: Muscle Fans Or Import Fans 11 years 1 week ago #4328

  • mongoose91
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Muscle cars by far, I honestly dont see the point spending 5 times what a car is worth making it look good.
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