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TOPIC: members cars

Re:members cars 7 years 3 weeks ago #9510

I'm pleased to say that I can finally contribute to this thread! After being lumbered with my mother's Ford Ka upon passing my test 4 years ago, I managed to get a job at the start of the year and wasted no time in acquiring my own car:

It's an 07 SEAT Ibiza 1.4 Stylance - very pleased with it so far!

And no CCK, I don't have any intentions to pimp it ;)
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Re:members cars 7 years 3 weeks ago #9511

Nice set of wheels SWF.

If not full out pimping how about considering installing a bit of NOS further down the line? :wink:
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Re:CHRISTINE SIXTEEN IS DEAD 6 years 11 months ago #9550

howdy ya'll, it's been a little while. poverity will do it to you. a couple months ago, i had the hard job of hauling my beloved '72 DODGE CHARGER off to the scrap yard. i went out to check on her and found way too much rust. there was no way to fix it without too much time and money. i named her "CHRISTINE" after the song by KISS way before the movie "CHRISTINE" ever came out. she was never the fastest, but she did look good. my wife and me went out on our first date in her. we celebrated our 25th (silver) wedding anniversary march the 8th. it was heartbreaking watching the big claw crush the roof as it lifted her in the air. as you may have noticed, i call it "her". it's an old navy tradition of calling the ship "her". she was just like a woman, if you talked nice, you might get your way. most of the time, she could be a bitch.CHRISTINE was my first car and like your first girlfriend, you;ll never forget her. CHRISTINE R.I.P 2010.....she's livin in supercharger heaven.
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Re:CHRISTINE SIXTEEN IS DEAD 6 years 5 months ago #9666

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supercharger, I wished you would had celebrated the end of your car by giving it to some destructin derby guy and watch it die driving instead of watching a robot eat it. such cars look so good when they speed and crash :mrgreen:
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members cars 4 years 8 months ago #11457

i.m back on the road with a new sef of wheels. i got a 04 chevrolet malibu's not the fastest or the best looking, but it does have a helluva stereo. you crank, black sunshine by rob zombie up to 9 1/2 and you don't care. we use it for work and going to town. it's a reliable and some what comfortable car. i would rather have a 71 chevy malibu. i almost bought a olive green 71 back in the eighties. my buddy sold a 52 willys americar, without telling me the other day. oh well. those are wicked cars with a little work.
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BACK FROM THE DEAD 1 year 4 months ago #11514

I went to town, last weekend, did some shopping, stopped and got some gas. I went about ten feet and the MALIBU made a little humping motion. all four of my forward gears went out. reverse gear is usually the first to go, lucky me, it had to be the forward gears. a really good friend of mine,J R, hauled me home.she will be parked for a while. I have a 98 CHEVROLET PRISM LSI now. its a white four door with a 1.4 16 valve,hemi engine. you can smell the torque or maybe it's an exhaust leak. it's what we call a work car here, trashed out but runs well. it was real cheap because of this. hopefully, I will have the Malibu back on the road soon. I saw a PRISM on the innerweb the other day, it had rims and a flame job. I see some spray paint in its future. lol.ive seen too many reruns of FAST AND FURIOUS lately. its on just about every channel here. I think ill call it HEAVEN AND HELL.ive been listening to way too much BLACK SABBATH lately also. [ like OZZY but DIO was good too. its a hard choice.
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