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BAD,BAD WEEKEND 5 years 9 months ago #9741

it's been one of the worst weekends in history, here in my neck of the woods. we had several E2 up to E4 TORONADOES go through our area.paintsville and hager hill,kentucky,about 20 miles from me, were destroyed. there are no other words for it. houses were ripped completely apart for miles at a time.most of my friends and family are safe, but we are all family in this part of the country. we have already started making donations to shelters.we all don't have a lot, but we are happy to help someone else out. there are videos on YOUTUBE.COM,WEST LIBERTY,SALYERSVILLE,PAINTSVILLE,and HAGER HILL were hit the the worst.the RED CROSS is taking donations, right now. if you feel generous at any level, please give what ever, you feel.i know it will be put to good use. my wife and me were cleaning flood water out of her church basement, my mom called us and said to get home, that was the first wave of storms. we watched as storm after storm came across our state, from west to east.we had spent FRIDAY watching thunderstorms flood the roads.SATURDAY brought tornadoes and their destruction. early SUNDAY morning brought us 3 inches of snow to make clean up even worse. it will take a long time to rebuild and go back to normal. a lot of businesses were blown to the ground.cell phones were dead almost immedietely,computers were on and off, so you couldn't find any thing about what was going on. you would hear false stories left and right. not knowing was worse than what you did hear. we are good and able to help others. we will be ok. life goes never know what life will bring you.
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