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TOPIC: Fast & Feathered 5

Fast & Feathered 5 6 years 3 months ago #9661

So some of you might have seen my sig and been wondering what is 'Fast & Feathered 5'. Well, much like SWF, I dabble in fan videos, but I mostly create trailer mash-ups, voiceover parodies and fan music videos instead of chase compilations and machinima (although I even have plans for those in the future).

'Fast & Feathered 5' is my latest and probably last trailer parody for awhile - I'll be graduating next week and I'm currently job-hunting as a fully-fledged adult entering the workforce. But anyway, this spoof is a mash-up of two of my favourite live-action and animated films of the year so far. Coincidentally, both are set in the 'Marvelous City', Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil, and both feature two protagonists on the run from a group of pursuers tasked to bring them in. And, both feature some pretty great automotive sequences!

Most of you would have seen Fast Five's incredible car chase setpieces, and unless a better movie comes out this year, I think it'll be lock-in for next year's Varaces Awards. But for those who haven't seen Rio, I can tell you there is a short 'Race Against Time' sequence on a scrambler through the favelas, and a game of chicken between a cargo plane and a Carnival float. Nothing particularly noteworthy, more along the lines of other animated chases from movies like Ratatouille and The Incredibles, but still a pleasant surprise for me when I watched it both times in theatres.

Rio is out on DVD and Bluray now, so if you haven't seen this gorgeous masterpiece of auteurship cinema, do check it out. The director is Brazilian, so the entire film is literally a sentimental love-letter to his hometown. But in the meantime, this is my little tribute to both of these films: I have replaced the entire original cast with the avian critters through some lip-synching and added a couple of references to other Brazilian movies and pop-culture memes as well.

I hope you enjoy this thrill-ride with wings, and do rate, comment, and subscribe. You might also like to check out my other videos on my channel (where I'm currently wearing a spiffy wallpaper of Driver San Francisco to celebrate its release next month!). 8)

TDIT's exhilarating mashup of the coolest car flick with the best animated film of the year! Fast & Feathered 5 Click sig to watch!
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Re:Fast & Feathered 5 6 years 3 months ago #9662

Nice mash-up thedriveintheatre. One wouldn't naturally think that those films could be cut together in any integrated way so good job.

Good luck on the job search front. Are you looking for work in the film/media industries?
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Re:Fast & Feathered 5 6 years 3 months ago #9665

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I haven't watched neither of the movies yet but it's funny to see a cockatoo speaking with Vin Diesels thug voice. Brilliant! I did't recognize that both movies have some things in common and wondered what this mashup is about. The list of stories that take place in Rio is endless. I'm sure the mashup would be funnier if you put the birds voice on Vin Diesels face :mrgreen:
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Re:Fast & Feathered 5 6 years 3 months ago #9667

Very well done as always!

Speaking of Driver: San Francisco, did you see my coverage from my studio visit on DGP?
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