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TOPIC: The 9th Annual Varaces Awards Nominations

The 9th Annual Varaces Awards Nominations 6 years 11 months ago #9483

Here are my suggestions for the 2010 Varaces Awards:

Most Inventive Car Chase:

Date Night

It's very rare to see an Audi sportscar being chased by police cars down the streets of NY. It's even more rare to see that same Audi stuck nose-to-nose to a NY cab and have to deal with oncoming traffic, intersections, and police roadblocks. In what is probably the best car chase of the Spring, the year's most inventive chase is Date Night.


Most Destructive Chase Scene:

Knight and Day

Every one of the four principle chases in this movie ended up with at least one major car accident. Most notably, one of the movie's biggest action sequences (the freeway chase down I-93) was the best example for featuring total auto carnage. It's even more notable for featuring the movie's protagonist hanging on the roof while shooting at bad guys in an SUV down the wrong side of the road in a tunnel and still having to avoid an SUV that flips right over the hero's car.


Best Driving:

The Expendables

Sylvester Stallone's action-packed epic of numerous 80's action stars had to feature a car chase as almost every best 80's action movie did. What he did was put a bit of a modern spin on it, but boy is it exhilarating. Having to outdrive baddies in SUV's, Stallone and Jet Li find themselves down a packed freeway with bad guys in front and behind them. The Expendables car chase is definitely some of the best driving in a long while.


Honorable Mentions:

The Town

It takes a lot to outrun police cars in Boston. What makes it that much more exciting is to outrun police cars down the very narrow streets of Charlestown. Director Ben Affleck definitely has a knack for creating a very claustrophobic and yet suspenseful chase complete with a couple of shootouts and car accidents.

Best Race-Against Time Sequence:

The Last Shot

Director Emilio Rodriguez's action short features a spectacular race-against-time sequence down a busy freeway as a man races to get to his kidnapped wife in time before she's killed. What's even more amazing is that the film was done with no budget at all, so to take what looks like a big budget action sequence and do it with no budget, just a lot of swerving and fast driving, it really makes the scene all that more special.


Best Game:

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

Most gamers know what to expect when you play a Need for Speed game. This game takes it to new heights as striking visuals and high-octane chases occur as we, as the gamers, experience the suspenseful and exhilarating feeling of the car chase, complete with great car crashes. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit is definitely the most thrill-oriented game of the year.


Chase of the Year:

Knight and Day

The film's impressive Spain climax features a wild motorcycle chase with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz being chased by multiple sports cars while they're chasing a car on their own. Also at one point during the chase, they're having to deal with bulls at the same time. One hilarious shot is one of the sports cars getting in the way and being thrashed by the bulls, sending the car flipping. In a great chase, there's not only great car accidents and a rousing soundtrack (this one done by car chase master John Powell) but also a lot of great driving as well. Knight and Day features some of the best car chase stunts of the year (second only to Date Night).



The Other Guys

Featuring some of the most destructive car crashes of the year, The Other Guys raises the bar when it comes to wild car chases and accidents. It kicks off the movie with an over-the-top chase with a Chevelle chasing an Escalade down NYC, ending with the Chevelle plowing through a double-decker bus and then using the bus to continue to chase, with it smashing through SUVs and then crashing into a cab, causing the Chevelle to slingshot out of the bus and into the Escalade causing to crash and explode through the Trump Tower. But I have to say that the film's climatic chase definitely takes the cake. A Toyota Prius (an unusual vehicle for a chase as I may say so) is chased by two unmarked white vans, a helicopter, a couple of motorcycles, and numerous police vehicles. Starting the chase off to "Monday, Monday", Will Ferrell's Allen Gamble plows the Prius through a parking garage gate and proceeds to swerve around the two white vans and then later, "jackknifes" one of the vans to crash into a row of parked cars while heading backwards (a feat that we've only seen when the vehicle is heading straight and not backwards, akin to "Crank" and "Bad Boys II"). Then they are pursued by a helicopter and police. After losing the police, they are pursued by motorcycles down NY's Chelsea Piers. After losing the motorcycles, they come face to face with the helicopter (which is a scene you have to see to believe). The bottom line is, the climatic chase in The Other Guys is the most exciting and funny chase of the year, complete with great accidents, cool explosions, and it will have everybody saying "Someone's been playing Grand Theft Auto".




Worst Chase of the Year:

Percy Jackson

There was a definite opportunity for a really good chase with the hero's Maserati getting pursued by police, but all we got was a really watered down "joy ride" with the Maserati swerving around cars. Maybe they didn't have the money for it. With a reported $95 million budget, they could have afforded a better sequence, especially after I was pumped for the scene from clips shown on the internet. I'm sure others were as well.

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Re:The 9th Annual Varaces Awards Nominations 6 years 11 months ago #9488

Thanks for kicking off the nomination process n_easter12345. Look forward to receiving nominations from other forum members.

In addition to the categories of:

Most Inventive Car Chase
Most Destructive Chase Scene
Best Driving

can I receive nominations also for:

Best Blu-Ray/DVD Release
Best Game
Best Racing Scene
Chase of the Year
Worst Chase of the Year
Lifetime Achievement Award: Person
Lifetime Achievement Award: Vehicle

I am willing to add the 'Best Race-Against Time Sequence' Award category, but the nominees should consist of actual released films.

I will be shortly setting up the 2010 People's Chase Award. I am considering having these titles on the voting list:

From Paris With Love
Date Night
Knight and Day
The Expendables
The Town
Evolusi: KL Drift 2
The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Any others I should add?
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Re:The 9th Annual Varaces Awards Nominations 6 years 11 months ago #9489

Well, according to the IMDB, The Last Shot has been released to the public.

I will be thinking about others movies to add to the awards nominations.
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Re:The 9th Annual Varaces Awards Nominations 6 years 11 months ago #9490

Well there you go. I stand corrected. If a film is recognized by IMDB then it's good enough for varaces.

Thanks for clarifying the films status n_easter12345.
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Re:The 9th Annual Varaces Awards Nominations 6 years 11 months ago #9492

As the nominations go, maybe we can add "The Other Guys" and "Due Date" to the voting list.
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Re:The 9th Annual Varaces Awards Nominations 6 years 11 months ago #9493

Good idea. Can't see why not to.
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