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TOPIC: 2010 Car Chases Review (January - June)

2010 Car Chases Review (January - June) 7 years 3 weeks ago #9463

As we wind down on 2010, there's only two more definite car movies as Faster opens on November 24 (U.S.) and Tron: Legacy opens on December 17th (U.S.). Let's recap some of the best car chases of the year because the Varaces awards are just around the corner.

* Daybreakers - A Chrysler 300C escapes a Humvee through the desert, ending in the Humvee crashing off a cliff.

* Edge of Darkness - Mel Gibson pursues a car through a tunnel, narrowly weaving through traffic.

* From Paris With Love - An Audi A8 chases after a Volvo on a Paris freeway, with a couple of nice accidents, ending with the Volvo exploding after John Travolta shoots a bazooka at it.


* Percy Jackson - A Mazerati weaves through traffic down Las Vegas, no real car chase.


* Cop Out - Funny car chase with a Dodge Charger pursuing a Mercedes. Ends with the Charger crashing in an empty grave in a cemetery.


* The Bounty Hunter - Short car chase sees a Chevrolet Avalanche pursuing a 1975 Oldsmobile. Ends with the Avalanche crashing through some crates and flipping.


* Date Night - Definitely the best of Spring. An Audi R8 becomes stuck nose to nose to a NYC cab. Then ends up being chased (with the cab still stuck to it) by NYC cops, ends with all the police cars crashing and then an SUV crashes and seperates the cab and the Audi and the Audi flying into the East River.


* Killers - A Ford F-150 is chased by a Pontiac Trans Am through neighborhood streets.


* The A-Team - A Lamborghini shows up for a brief chase.

* Knight and Day - About four brief (and sometimes long) chases appear.
First, when a Grand Marquis is commandeered, it must contend with Surburbans after it on the freeway and through a tunnel.


Second, a police car chases after a Volvo and the police car gets T-Boned at an intersection.

Third, a Pontiac GTO is chased down a freeway and it spins out, causes an accident and loses the pursuing car.

Last, a motorcycle is chased by assassins down the streets in Spain in the film's climax.

More in the coming days...
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Re:2010 Car Chases Review (January - June) 7 years 3 weeks ago #9464

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Wow, Thanx for the 2010 recap makes things a lot easier..
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Re:2010 Car Chases Review (January - June) 7 years 2 weeks ago #9473

Thanks for the summary n_easter12345. Here are some additional 2010 titles with car chase/racing sequences in it so far in the database:

Inception: definitely a contender for most innovative chase for 2010.

The Other Guys

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

Harry Potter And The Death Hallows: Part 1

Green Zone


Evolusi: KL Drift 2

And here's a list of 2010 films discussed in these forums confirming chase or race sequences:



Iron Man 2:

The Sorcerer's Apprentice:

Wild Target:

The Next Three Days:

The Town:

Hunt to Kill:

Looks like 2010 has been a good year so far and one that will make for a highly competitive edition of the Varaces awards!
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Re:2010 Car Chases Review (January - June) 7 years 2 weeks ago #9475

Nice overview! Though to be honest I don't think we've had anything outstanding so far this year.

We used to be able to sort the database by year anyway, but this feature was removed for some reason...
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Re:2010 Car Chases Review (July-December) 7 years 2 weeks ago #9476

Here is the recap through the end of the year:

*Inception - a van escapes multiple SUV's and a motorcycle through rain-slicked streets.


* The Sorcerer's Apprentice - a Mercedes Benz SLK chases after a Lamborghini through NYC.

* Salt - A motorcycle is chased down a packed freeway by SUV's. Later, a Chevrolet Tahoe police car is commandeered and after causing some accidents on a NY freeway, flies off an overpass and smashes into some taxis below.


* The Other Guys - a Chevrolet Chevelle chases an Escalade down NY streets, causing accidents and ends up with the Escalade barrel rolling through the front of the Trump Tower. Later, a Prius is pursued by vans and a helicopter.


* The Expendables - a Ford F-100 is chased by SUV's down streets, a freeway, and a building, multiple accidents occur. Definite 80's vibe.


* Takers - An Impala chases a Range Rover through L.A.

* The American - A moped chases a car through the streets of Europe.

* The Town - A Dodge Caravan is chased by police through the narrow streets of Charlestown.


* Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps - Two motorcycles race down a country road.

* Red - A police car is t-boned at an intersection by an SUV, very brief chase results.

* Due Date - A Chevrolet Silverado is commandeered and while towing a trailer, is chased by police cars. The Silverado slams into one of the police cars that is in front of it, and causes the police car to flip over a few times. The Silverado then shifts onto the opposite side of the freeway and has to avoid oncoming traffic. The second police car hits a pole and is disabled. The trailer then flips head over heels a la the Joker's 18-Wheeler flip in The Dark Knight.


* Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 - A motorcycle and sidecar/broomstick chase leads to the freeway, where a truck towing a trailer flips over numerous times and going against the wrong side of the freeway down a tunnel.

* The Last Shot - a Mitsibushi Eclipse races against time down a freeway, and swerves around traffic, even causes an accident, on his way to rescue his wife from kidnappers.


* Faster - a Chevelle and a Ferrari duke it out on the freeway and on a desert road.

* Tron: Legacy - usual Tron with motorcycle races appear.
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