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TOPIC: Dream chases

Dream chases 7 years 3 months ago #9403

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I know that most of the members on this site have seen most of their share of car chases in films and video games than the latest of James Cameron's table scraps. So much for me, that I've had a couple of recent dreams that featured the most "surreal" of car chases. Knowing that they exist on the pages of scrapbook notes, I thought I'd share them with the community and anyone else who might be stalking this website looking for the next Hollywood "idea".

1) Somehow, I dreamt this was a deleted scene from Harriet the Spy, after both her mother and father scolded her for writing "stories" about her closest friends. The next morning, the mother goes to work in a blue 1936 Cord. She's spotted by a man in a green Impala and gives chase. He rams and beats the side of her car a couple times, but the strangness soon sets in. Her car suddenly switches to a blue Impala and the man's car then switches to a green 1936 Cord. It was like dreaming about the old "switcharoo" goofs that happen in movies. After a while the woman's car finally switches to the green Impala and the man's car turns into a Plymouth Fury police car, which clunks to a halt.

2) In an industrial European village, I discover that two black BMWs are after me. My only mode of escape is a old penny farther leaned up against the wall of a barn. Despite being the hardest and dangerous riding contraption, I'm able to maintain control while the BMWs weave all around me.

3) This one might've come after watching Grand Prix or Le Mans. But this was actually one of those dreams one has when nearby music comming from the TV or radio draws the outline for the dream's beginning and end. In this case, it was a wild vision of a two seater Jaguar D-Type being chased by a fleet of glittering Dodge Charger police cars to the beat of "Touch Me" by The Doors. It seemed to have matched very well with the strings and harpsichord along with the spiraling of police sirens.

This was as vague I could become with describing these dreams. But I'm always curious if other members have had dreams about car chase. That is, not dreams about car chases, but dreams about car chases.
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Re:Dream chases 7 years 3 months ago #9404

Ha ha! Only you Prowler would start off a thread like this! Those are some great car chase dreams. Who knows, someone from Hollywood might pick up one of them one day.

Given the huge number of car chase films I watch it is no surprise that I too have car chase or automobile racing dreams, and usually in the context that I am dreaming watching some memorable movie. Unfortunately, I don't have a habit of writing them down after I wake up (perhaps I should) so I only recall the foggiest of outlines about them. Generally the dream scenario is that I'm watching some forgotten but comparatively speaking undiscovered classic that I've seen before.

There was one car chase dream a few years back that I do remember a bit more of and of this ilk that was affectively a 1970s road race film like Cannonball that featured 1960s and 1970s muscle cars and fantastic racing scenes. I remember thinking in my dream 'how on earth could I forget a film like this' or something along those lines. I recall then waking up from the dream in disappointment in the realization that it was just a dream, but I guess that's true of how one wakes up from all good dreams...
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