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PATRICK SWAYZE 1952-2009 8 years 2 months ago #9126

PATRICK SWAYZE ,actor, dead at 57 from a long hard fight with cancer. he had struggled for the last few months, even appearing in one last movie. he was not a favorite actor of mine but i enjoyed most of his movies. he starred in several movies over the years with DIRTY DANCING and GHOST being his most memorable. he also starred in a long line of action movies playing the quiet hero who finally saves the day after being pushed too far. BLACK DOG (98), POINTBREAK (91), ROADHOUSE( 89), STEEL DAWN( 87), RED DAWN(84), and GRANDVIEW U.S.A.(84). my personal favorite is NEXT OF KIN(89) with LIAM NEESON and HELEN HUNT. it was one of the more realistic movies made about eastern KENTUCKY. i live forty miles away from where the ky parts were filmed. those scenes were filmed in a area much like my own and many of the surrounding country side around here. they got a little carried with the usual HILLBILLY stereotypes but a lot of it was factual especially the cemetery scene. i do a whipperwhill bird call myself. i have seen the slow progression of MR. SWAYZE's decline through different magazine covers in the last couple of months. a lot of my family has died from cancer over the last few years. it's a heartbreaking situation to watch someone slowly waste away to nothing after leading productive lives. my symathy goes to their family, he is in a better place.
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