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DAVID CARRADINE 1936-2009 8 years 7 months ago #9041

the whole world knows of the loss of actor DAVID CARRADINE under less than a preferable situation. he was a very multitalented, multifaceted actor, director, producer, writer, and even an accomplished singer/composer. mostly known for his role in the tv series KUNG FU, which was supposed to go to BRUCE LEE, that he returned to many times. i watched this series originally as a child and then in it's many reruns. he starred in many different movies but came back to car chase movies from time to time. he played FRANKENSTIEN in DEATH RACE 2000 as the anti hero of the world's most violent race, which was a statement of the future to come, he lent his voice to the same charactor in 2008's remake DEATH RACE. he made a few lesser known because of quality movies from time to time like MACON COUNTY JAIL with ALLY SHEEDY. THUNDER AND LIGHTNING with KATE JACKSON was a little better but not by much. he always shined when given some of the good roles that came along. his most recent success came from TARANTINO'S KILL BILL 1 and 2. he was underway with a new film at the time of his death. my favorite movie of his was CANNONBALL, the original cannon ball run movie. i saw this one night at the drive in with GUMBALL RALLY as the second feature. i watch my dvd of it often. it's sad to watch your heroes die one by one but it's the way of the world. like STEVE MCQUEEN, PAUL NEWMAN, and so many others their legacy will live forever despite how their end may have come. i predict a resurgence in a lot of their movies in the near future because of so little talent out today. he will be greatly missed by us all. GOODBYE, GRASSHOPPER
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Re: DAVID CARRADINE 1936-2009 8 years 7 months ago #9042

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That is horrible news supercharger. Yeah, I read it in my morning's paper and I was shocked with the final results. Right now, police are unsure whether his death was suicidal or not which leave me a bit distraught. He had such an outgoing personality, an honest individual, Buddist monk, philosopher, singer and much beloved film star. He'll be in my mind.
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Re: DAVID CARRADINE 1936-2009 8 years 7 months ago #9043

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He was one of my fave 70's actors and I think he played in more carmovies than every other actor of that timeperiod. He's the man for a lifetime achievement award.
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Re: DAVID CARRADINE 1936-2009 8 years 7 months ago #9044

it's good to see you back, CARLO. you've missed our wee bit of fun with the spamers. it's a very sad event especially when it was preventable. there are many stories at the moment but he just went down the wrong road and didn't make it back. we call it "death by misadventure" here in the states, it means that he went too far and was killed.MICHEAL HUTCHINS of INXS, another big loss, did the same thing to himself. i hope his ending doesn't mire his brillant past. i was ready to make the same suggestion earlier about the actor hall of fame. i would gladly second your suggestion and david's nomination. we could have a living and non living nomination each year. a hall of fame could be another non responsive section with a small biography and a IMDB.COM link. a monument is always a good way to keep a memory alive. i'm up for any suggestions, let me know.
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