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TOPIC: The 7th Annual VaRaces Awards : Nominations

The 7th Annual VaRaces Awards : Nominations 9 years 1 week ago #7917

To have the VaRaces annual awards come out earlier, it would be helpful if we can start receiving nominations. Like last year, forum users are all welcome to nominate films to the categories below, with film awards chosen by myself and DH.

Voting for the people's chase award will be set up shortly.

So can I receive nominations for the following categories:

Most Inventive Car Chase:
Best DVD Release:
Most Destructive Chase Scene:
Best Driving:
Best Game:
Best Racing Scene:
Chase of the Year:
Worst Chase of the Year:
Lifetime Achievement Award: Person:
Lifetime Acheivement Award: Vehicle:
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2008 People's Chase Award 9 years 1 week ago #7918

Voting for the 2008 People's Chase Award is now open on the homepage.

Let the voting begin!
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Re: The 7th Annual VaRaces Awards : Nominations 9 years 1 week ago #7921

It's great to see the annual awards starting earlier this year. To get the ball rolling, here are my nominations:

Most Inventive Car Chase - Get Smart

Get Smart was all set to feature the traditional car chase, but things take an unexpected turn when the protagonist ditches his Cadillac and commandeers a plane, to track down the target - a low flying plane hovering precariously above a busy freeway, complete with the hapless dangling hero, was certainly an endearing sight.

Most Destructive Chase Scene - Eagle Eye

Eagle Eye turned out to be a surprise gem of 2008 in terms of car chase action, with it's gloriously destructive night time pursuit sequence. A flock of police cars chase down a Porsche Cayenne, and it is safe to say that none of them survive the scene in one piece - every crash scene was an onslaught of high quality automotive carnage, as cars tumble, explode and even get crushed in quick succession throughout. The sheer quantity and quality of note worthy, stomach churning crashes makes it by far and away the most destructive car chase of 2008, not to mention being genuinely thrilling to watch, which is what a good car chase is all about.

Best Driving - Quantum of Solace

After the disappointing car chase that was featured in Casino Royale, Daniel Craig's successive venture into the Bond franchise more than made up for this misfire, as the film opens in the midst of an intense high speed pursuit. Yes, it's just a tad too short (although it's at least longer than Casino Royale's pitiful length) and yes, it does suffer from a dollop of rapid-fire shaky cam editing, but there's something inherently appealing about the classic scenario of Bond alluding bad guys in an Aston Martin, a feast we haven't truly enjoyed since 2002's Die Another Day. It's given an almighty workout, as it tears through narrow mountain roads, avoids out of control trucks and police vehicles, performs a 360 and hurtles through a twisting dirt road quarry. Not a bad way to start a film, and the fact that numerous stuntmen were injured during the making of the film after various accidents only goes to exemplify the skill and danger of performing these manoeuvres.

Honourable mention - Vantage Point

Driving through narrow congested streets is no small feat, especially when the vehicles were not designed for the job.

Best Game - Burnout Paradise

2008 was a top year for driving games, with stand-out titles such as Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, Motorstorm Pacific Rift and Midnight Club Los Angeles dominating the charts. However, there was one that stood out from the crowd - Burnout Paradise. I have always been a long standing fan of the Burnout catalogue, but this latest instalment completely obliterates anything before it into a smouldering pile of twisted metal. Building on from Test Drive Unllimited's free roaming mechanic, Burnout Paradise represented the absolute pinnacle of the franchise, with its awe inspiring speed and vastly detailed crashes, which were meticulous to a point that you could witness the energy being transferred through the buckled chassis as the action slowed down. Best of all, the game is still evolving over a year later, with a stream of scheduled downloadable content being released throughout 2009. It's hard to ask for more from a racing game.

Honourable mentions - Motorstorm: Pacific Rift

The debut of Evolution Studio's Motorstorm instantly won me over, and rapidly became one of my favourite ever racing games, thanks to its consistently intense off road action. Mercifully, the sequel continues where the original left off, adding with it a slew of additional content and features, with the action diversifying across a more varied set of enriched locations, bringing with it new elements such as water and lava. Simply put, the sequel felt like a much more complete experience and was more fun to play than ever.

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue

The ultimate racing simulation made it's triumphant return to the industry, and was suitably impressive with it's new lick of next generation gloss. Check out the Varaces verdict here.

Best Racing Scene - Death Race

As the title suggests, Death Race packs in a multitude of extended race scenes, all of which delivered. A remake of Death Race 3000, each race was a relentless affair as vehicles jostled for position using any means necessary, including the utilisation of mounted weaponry, resulting in some harrowing fatality scenes.

Chase of the Year - Vantage Point

Vantage Point was already hotly anticipated by car chase enthusiasts, and they were certainly fulfilled to find that this espionage thriller lived up to its expectations, delivering a captivating chase sequence towards the end of the film. Vantage Point succeeds primarily through its location and choice of vehicle, with the narrow Spanish streets (ok it was actually filmed in Mexico if you want to be pedantic) acting as an obstacle course for the pursuers, with well staged hazardous traffic at every turn. As for the vehicle selection, the stars of the chase are none other than two Astras. Whilst this sounds underwhelming, in actual fact it works wonderfully well, as it means we get to marvel at seemingly average cars pushed to their limits, a premise that I often admire in a car chase. A chase between two exotic cars can be appealing, but featuring more everyday vehicles evokes a more down to earth vibe that is sometimes lacking in contemporary chases. The resulting pursuit was a delightfully fast paced spectacle, as the cars weave through the heavy traffic, drive the wrong way and plough into other vehicles, with one stand-out stunt in particular involving a vaulting Jaguar, which one Astra subsequently avoids. What also enhanced this chase was the outstanding orchestral soundtrack that accompanied the chase, which really nailed the atmosphere and required tension. All in all, Vantage Point provided a very respectable car chase, that enthusiasts would be hard pressed not to enjoy.

But just one criticism - as is all too common for modern-day chases, there are some instances of shaky-cam syndrome that are a bit overpowering, but on the whole it was implemented well.

Worst Chase of the Year - Transporter 3

Oh dear oh dear. The Transporter series has had a somewhat unfortunate track record with car chases. The original packed a fair punch, with the opening sequence consisting of Jason Statham evading French police and was a fairly good chase sequence, good enough to win the 2002 Varaces chase of the year award in fact, even if I didn't' agree with the appalling rapping soundtrack. The sequel then came along featuring another chase, this time with an Audi, but was stricken with some truly abysmal CGI that completely marred the chase. And so, Transporter 3 arrives with the same Audi in tow, and all eyes were on it in the hope that it would redeem the previous travesty. Unfortunately, this was not the case. The film opened with a promising looking chase, with a premise and location akin to that of the original Transporter, but was inexplicably cut short after all of one minute. The main chase was yet to come however, but somehow they once again managed to make a complete hash of it. How you ask? By speeding up the entire car chase so that it looks woefully unnatural and jarring to the viewer. Utterly unforgivable.

Hope that was of use :)
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Re: The 7th Annual VaRaces Awards : Nominations 9 years 1 week ago #7923

Thanks for your detailed rationales for your nominations SWF. Much appreciated.

Any more nominations?
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Re: The 7th Annual VaRaces Awards : Nominations 9 years 1 week ago #7924

Most Inventive Car Chase: The Dark Knight
Best DVD Release: Vantage Point
Most Destructive Chase Scene: Eagle Eye
Best Driving: Quantum of Solace
Best Game: Need for Speed: Undercover
Best Racing Scene: Death Race
Chase of the Year: Eagle Eye
Worst Chase of the Year: Transporter 3
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Re: The 7th Annual VaRaces Awards : Nominations 9 years 1 week ago #7925

What's the deadline for the nominations submission? Once again, I may able to watch a few more of 2008's car chases, but I need to know how much time I have left (and I need an incentive to get off my butt and down to the video store... :) ).

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