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TOPIC: 2009 Car Chase/Racing Films

2009 Car Chase/Racing Films 9 years 1 month ago #7885

It's a new year everyone, and with it, new movies of chasing, racing, and smashing. Here are 12 films to look forward to in 2009:

Inkheart - January 23
After battling undead Chinese warriors on a speeding fireworks truck, Brendan Fraser returns to fight storybook characters in this movie based on the bestselling novel by Cornelia Funke. There's a neat driving sequence that brings to mind the stormchase finale in Twister, complete with the famous "rolling house blocking the road" shot.


Race to Witch Mountain - March 13
The former bounty hunter in The Rundown/Welcome to the Jungle takes urban pursuits from the rainforests of South America to the desert of North America, as a Las Vegas cab driver who does whatever it takes to get his paranormal passengers to their final destination. Government goons in SUVs harass him along a desert highway, to disastrous results.

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12 Rounds - March 27
After his outing as a disgraced Marine whose wife is kidnapped by terrorists in The Marine, John Cena is back as... a disgraced detective whose girlfriend is kidnapped by terrorists in 12 Rounds. In a plot that brings to mind Die Hard With A Vengeance, Cena's Danny Fisher must play a deadly game of 12 challenges with a criminal mastermind, as he races around the city of New Orleans to stop disasters from happening, and save his girl. There's a neat citizen video which features a tram crash like the one in The Rock between what looks like his unmarked police car.

Citizen Footage

Fast and Furious - April 3
The only bona-fide car chase/race flick of the year so far, Vin Diesel and Paul Walker team up again with Jordana Brewster in tow to infiltrate an illegal-drug syndicate in the only way they know how, pinching stolen cargo while it's being transported and racing for pink slips along city drag strips. After the increasing number of ricer-cars appearing in 2 Fast 2 Furious, and its sequel Tokyo Drift, it looks like they went back to their American 'muscle-car' roots in this latest outing. A Torino and a Buick can now be seen alongside their Asian counterparts, a 240 SX and an Impreza, along with the odd Chevy utes and a jackknifing Peterbilt. Tons of fun, then. Admire the sweet poster before checking out the trailer released last fall.

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Crank 2: High Voltage - April 17
Fresh from his adventures as an immaculately-dressed courier with a fast car in Transporter 3, and a rough-and-tumble prison inmate in Death Race, Jason Statham returns from the dead as seriously-unlucky-accidental-hero Chev Chelios. In a plot reminscent of Speed and even his recent Transporter 3, Chev must pursue a Chinese mobster who has replaced his indestructible heart with a battery-powered one that requires regular jolts of electricity to keep it going. Sounds far-fetched? That's probably because it is. But that probably won't stop the Brit from tearing up the town in a possible car chase, as we've come to expect from 99% of his movies. Check out the new profanity-laden trailer below.


X-Men Origins: Wolverine - May 1
The X-Men series were not notable for car chases, but all that's about to change with this prequel which explains the wolf-man's beginning. Hugh Jackman rides Harley to escape a pursuing chopper, slashing a Hummer into a rollover in the process, before... ah, it's better if you check out the trailer yourself. One thing's for sure: the law of physics will all be but ignored in this blockbuster.


Star Trek - May 8
Yes, it's a flick from the sci-fi genre, one of the least expected places to find a car-with-wheels chase. But the trailer opens brilliantly with a chase between the old and the new, a retro Stingray evading a high-tech law-enforcement bike of the future. Kirk puts the pedal to the metal in another desert-related setting.


Terminator Salvation - May 22
The Terminator series, on the other hand, are infamous for their jaw-dropping pursuit sequences, and hopefully the latest entry in the saga does not disappoint. Bringing to mind Mad Max 2 and the recent Resident Evil Extinction (especially that truck with the cow scooper), a convoy of survivors must outrun their motorbike-cyborg attackers along a desert highway (It seems like the desert is a favourite setting for chases this year, huh?). Christian Bale from the awesome Dark Knight looks appropriately confused and depressed throughout this bleak picture.


Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - June 26
No trailer has been released yet, but you can bet your 7 bucks (soon to be 8, with rising ticket prices these days) that Mr Bay will not disappoint. Expect some new characters (and vehicles), some explosions, some brawls, and of course, car chases.

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G-Force - July 24
Bringing to mind the recent action-hero TV star Bolt (which had an excellent opening chase, by the way) and the 2001 animal-espionage spoof Cats and Dogs, Disney's latest 3-D flick boasts an ensemble cast of... secret-agent hamsters (and one fly). What the heck? At least there's a jaw-dropping chase towards the end of the wince-inducing trailer, where a pursuing SUV (Seriously, why must the baddies always be in black SUVs?) chases one of the hamsters up a ramp, and into a bone-crunching crash. Not bad for a Jerry-Bruckheimer produced kiddy-flick.


G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra - August 7
Based on a seminal 80s cartoon show, the live-action screen adaptation will hopefully have a couple of chases. Channing Tatum, the dude who danced his way into the hearts of millions of pre-teen girls in Step Up and its sequel, will star as the eponymous Joe. Ain't It Cool has the scoop on a possible "massive car chase" that will take place in Paris.

Ain't It Cool Preview
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The A-Team - release date unconfirmed
Another film based on an 80s TV show, this movie has been in production, but a 2009 release seems likely. Fans can look forward to the return of that trademark GMC Van and a pursuit or two if this film ever gets completed.

So get set for another (hopefully) awesome year of car chases and races! :D

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Re: 2009 Car Chase/Racing Films 9 years 1 month ago #7887

AndreTeh, thanks for kicking off 2009 with this thread. Seems that there will be a lot of good chases and races to look forward to!
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Re: 2009 Car Chase/Racing Films 9 years 1 month ago #7889

Thanks, glad you liked it! Uh... heh, would you mind, CCK, if you posted a link on the main page to this thread? I took an entire afternoon sourcing for news and clips to write this article, so I'd appreaciate if more visitors read this preview. :D P

TDIT's exhilarating mashup of the coolest car flick with the best animated film of the year! Fast & Feathered 5 Click sig to watch!
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Re: 2009 Car Chase/Racing Films 9 years 1 week ago #7912

Finally found an opportunity to put your forthcoming attractions list on the homepage, AndreTeh. Hope you like it, and thanks for all the work putting it together!
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The Blue Seal 9 years 1 week ago #7916

According to its imdb entry The Blue Seal (2009) has a car chase in it. Seems to be a feature length version of the 2006 short film with the same name.

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Re: 2009 Car Chase/Racing Films 9 years 1 week ago #7936

Thanks, CCK! Cool, a front page feature! Much appreciated. :D

Couple of new trailers released over the New Year and the Superbowl ads. I've updated the corresponding entries in the first post so it looks neater, but any new movies that come up under the radar will be posted in a separate thread. Anyway, here are the new ones with my usual comments.

12 Rounds trailer - I'm actually getting pretty pumped for this, if it ever gets a release here. The fact that the guy who did Die Hard 2 directs (Renny Harlin), the dude who made Speed produces (Mark Gordon) and the composer who created Get Smart and Bad Company's soundtracks (Trevor Rabin) does the music, is enough to get me excited. Even John Cena looks like a buffer Keanu Reeves as he races around New Orleans on all manners of transportation to stop a mad bomber who holds his wife and the city hostage. Too bad his acting is just as wooden...

Transfomers: Revenge of the Fallen superbowl ad - Pretty much the most-anticipated of all the Superbowl movie spots, this sequel promises to deliver bigger and more eye-scorching action than its predecessor. Of interest is Sideswipe, a Chevrolet Corvette escaping some Decepticon goons in a Chinese-setting back-alley and Prime hanging off a gigantic wheel that forms part of The Fallen, as it destroys an overhead pass.

Fast and Furious superbowl ad - Pretty much the same as the trailer, except we get to see Vin Diesel do something really stupid involve a barrel-rolling gas tanker.

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra superbowl ad - Nothing much car-chase wise save for a glimpse of a Chrysler at the beginning and a "blink-and-you'll-miss-it" of a motorbike crash. Oh, and there's a pretty sweet shot of some dude leapfrogging a rolling car, too.

Race to Witch Mountain superbowl ad - Nothing new either, but there's a pretty funny quote involving a "pimped-out" fridge at the end.

Refer to the entries' corresponding titles above to view the trailer links.


TDIT's exhilarating mashup of the coolest car flick with the best animated film of the year! Fast & Feathered 5 Click sig to watch!
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