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TOPIC: NBC's Knight Rider 2008

Re: NBC's Knight Rider 2008 9 years 11 months ago #5629

  • dhopkins
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Nope, its on in the US as I type this.

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Knight Rider 2008 9 years 11 months ago #5630

  • steamer
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Well, as a two hour TV movie, I suppose the entertainment value was there. Acting wasn't offensive, I liked the characters. A bit violent in parts for the under 13 crowd. I guess they see worse on their video games though.

A major letdown as far as the driving/stunts go. Not one jump. Two brief chases and a small insignificant scene in an underground garage, which could have had a lot more skill and sliding.

The first chase, about 20 minutes in, was not too bad. Mountain roads with some traffic. (These are pictures of the television)

Lasted between 3 and 4 minutes.

Then around 1 hour and 40 minutes in, back on the mountain roads for a little smash-up with an SUV. A glaring continuity error for another 3 to 4 minute sequence. KITT is bulletproof when his computer is on, the computer was off for this part. Headlight smashed ...

Less than 60 seconds later ... headlight fixed.

Christine could fix herself, but KITT did not show that ability. Although he could change colour and appearance. He stayed as a Mustang, but could become "plain Jane" at will.

Michael Jr. (yes, it's his son) and the girl put the computer back on just in time to slide in front of the SUV for a well done T-bone smash.

This crash was really well done, not a scratch on KITT, of course, as he had his computer back on at this point.

The ratings will decide if this becomes a weekly series. I'll watch it if it does, but only if there's much more quality driving. I don't care about the jumps, the show needs some solid driving. KITT, by the way, has a sense of humour. :)

P.S. And as you can see, the car is different from the poster.
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Re: NBC's Knight Rider 2008 9 years 11 months ago #5631

Thanks for the description of the car chase action in Knight Rider 2008 Steamer.

Since TV movies count in the database, it would be great if you uploaded an entry. It would be the first 2008 film!
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Re: NBC's Knight Rider 2008 9 years 11 months ago #5634

  • adri
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Thanks a lot Steamer, it seems its worth watching, do we actually see how the SUV gets crushed?

By the way on imcdb they've been fast too and the pictures are already there:
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Re: Knight Rider 2008 9 years 11 months ago #5640

  • cb2001
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Steamer wrote:
It starts in about 2 hours here. When I saw the 1st poster a while back, I thought it was slated for a theater release.

Actually, what was reported was that there were two major KR projects in the works. The first one was a theatrical move, where David Hasselhoff was to reprise his role as Michael Knight and Glen A. Larson (the creator of the original show) was to be writing and producing. The second was what is known as a "back door pilot", which is what the new KR series is. So, as to weither the feature film is still in the works, who knows?

Of course, not too long ago, I came up with an idea for a KR movie that would follow along the lines of the incarnations of the original show and TKR called "Knight Rider: Legacy" (title inspired by the Companion book written by one of the KR fans over at Knight Rider Online). I even played around with Photoshop and made a poster with my own imaginary cast.

I've also done a DVD Cover version. And, being a story writer, I even came up with a story packet for any author who wanted to make a series of the idea, that lasted for three "seasons". But I always saw the 2005 Ford Mustang as the perfect vehicle for KITT, seeing the Trans-Am is not longer being made.

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BIG EXCITING UPDATE 9 years 9 months ago #5735

i just saw a ticker tape update on the bottom of my tv screen. it said the new tv season would be announced WEDNESDAY [2nd]. KNIGHT RIDER is supposed to be declared a new series with a full set of episodes. we'll have to wait and see. you know how these things go.
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