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TOPIC: C'était un rendezvous (1976) on DVD!

Re: C'était un rendezvous (1976) on DVD! 12 years 1 month ago #2974

Another cool film, heavymett. Thanks for sharing it with us.

It doesn't matter if such films are staged or unstaged. It's all about the magic and the surprise. As long as you ask yourself about the tricks the magic works. you spread your interest and other people may get caught by that illusion, too.

Agreed. Even if it some of it was staged, still an entertaining film.
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Re: Staged or Unstaged? 8 years 5 months ago #9122

carcrashking wrote:
A friend of mine has just recently watched my copy of C'était un Rendezvous and he thinks there could be the possibility that some parts of it were staged, especially the scenes including the pedestrians crossing the street and the garbage men. Clearly the ending was scripted.

While this is not beyond the realm of possibility, I am not sure. How do we know that a Ferrari 275 GTB was in fact the car and not another less prestige vehicle? Although the sound sounds like that of a Ferrari and seems to be in synch with the images, how can we be sure that this was not dubbed in post production? For that matter, how can we know that the car was in fact travelling at over 100 mph and not at, say 60 mph?

Does anyone have info on the production history of this film that can dispel these doubts? I would love to know.

I stumbled upon a video on YouTube with the director of the film where he does a re-enactment of the route he took and he talks about the exact speed he had at the time, what car they used and yes, the ending was planned. There's a reason why in the film he drove so fast for a rendez-vous which he explains. The video is in french though so if you guys have any questions i can fill you in on what he says.
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