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TOPIC: 2007 Car Chase/Racing Films

2007 Car Chase/Racing Films 10 years 11 months ago #4392

I hope y'all had an awesome Christmas. As of now, I'm happily trashing million-dollar exotics in Burnout Revenge on the 360 I found stuffed in my stocking. I wouldn't say 2006 was a bad year; films like Cars, Tokyo Drift, Ricky Bobby and Deja Vu more than made up for the disappointments like M:I:3, Da Vinci Code, Miami Vice and Casino Royale. So it is to another year that we look forward to more automotive action, and 2007 looks set to be a great one, which is why I've started this new thread. This doesn't mean that the 2006 thread is dead, feel free to add any undiscovered 2006 releases that escaped our radar.
Besides swashbuckling pirates, teenage wizards, two (and a possible third?) green ogres, a friendly neighbourhood superhero and yet another penguin movie (instead of dancing, it's now surfing :shock: ), 2007 promises to be a fantastic year for all you car chase and racing fans here. So buckle up your seatbelts and brace yourselves for these ten upcoming flicks of 2007 and possibly beyond:

1. Transformers
Currently the feature this month, the latest entry in the rash of 80s TV-to-movie adaptations like Miami Vice and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles looks set to thrill those looking for a bit of cartoon nostalgia without coming off as too childish. And Michael Bay is serious about this being a macho blockbuster flick about a robot invasion and the few that fought back. As mentioned in the Transformers thread, there appears to be a highway chase and upon closer inspection, an aerial sequence through skyscrapers too! 2005 had Herbie: Fully Loaded, 2006 had Cars. So here's to the next anthropomorphic vehicle movie of the year...

2. Ghost Rider
Yes, the long-awaited comic book to film adaptation of the man who is cursed to ride as a skeleton on a flaming chopper night after night after night is finally here! Nicholas Cage has always been one of my favorite actors, partly because of his ability to portray the Average Joe placed in extreme circumstances and turning out to be a hero in the end. Alongside the gorgeous Eva Mendes (2Fast2Furious, Once Upon a Time in Mexico), this duo are set to sizzle the screen like the Hell Cycle that the Ghost Rider rides. No sign of a full-blown car or bike chase from the trailer, but who cares when you're hurtling down the side of a skyscraper on a wicked-looking chopper like that? It's literally Hell on Wheels!

3. Live Free or Die Hard
Another guy forced to perform under extraordinary circumstances is our favourite reluctant hero, Detective John McClane. Yes, the Energizer Bunny is back in action after a decade-long hiatus, and he's still got what it takes to beat the odds with the best weapon he has: his fists. A while back I posted a YouTube link to a citizen reporter's behind-the-scenes footage. Now more intrepid civilians have submitted shots of the chase sequence, the links of which are provided below. The first teaser released a week or two ago hint at a possible car chase involving McClane's police cruiser, a mysterious helicopter and a semi on a rampage. There is one insane pile-up involving an airborne car and another two cars travelling in parallel as John ducks to protects his kid, and a jaw-dropping stunt just before the title. But the best scene is right at the end, where McClane Junior utters one final killer line. :D
Never Say Die!
Citizen reporters:
News Flash:

4. Indy 4
Bruce Willis isn't the only senior citizen that still kicks *ss. Harrison Ford dons his fedora and whip one last time as the suave adventurer, Indiana Jones. If any of its predecessors are to go by, I'd say this as-yet-unnamed fourth adventure will probably have a cool chase sequence. Filming starts in 2007.

5. Hot Fuzz
From the Brits that brought you Shaun of the Dead and Spaced, comes a parody that pokes fun at buddy cop movies. From the trailer, a hotshot London policeman is apparently described as good at "High Speed Pursuit", among other things. And there are a couple of nice glimpses of cars flying through the air and around corners, so we can expect a decent, if not good chase somewhere in this hilarious send-up of the police procedural genre.

6. 24: The Movie
Another 'cop' movie based on the hit American real-time drama is set to hit the big screen soon. The TV series had some pretty impressive vehicular action for a small-scale production. Like Indy 4, it will be filmed sometime in 2007, so watch this space.

8. Taxi 4
I have Taxi 2 to thank for piquing my interest in the car chase genre. Then I got Taxi and loved it. When Taxi 3 came around, it turned out to be an utter stinker with hardly any worthy chase sequences. So I'm crossing my fingers that Besson and his scriptwriters redeem themselves with this fourth installment. Sadly, the iconic 406 is being replaced with a 407, but I'm still keeping my hopes up for this next Gallic adventure.
Citizen Reporter:

9. The Bourne Ultimatum
Jason Bourne returns for his last outing this year. The earlier two films deserve credit for reviving and reinventing the car chase sequence, so let's pray that this last film in the trilogy stands up to is predecessors.

10. His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass
Okay, I'm cheating with this last entry here. But I'm looking forward to this film so much! If you've read Pullman's excellent book, you would know that there are a couple of aerial and sled chase sequences, though I doubt they would be counted as 'car chases' in the strictest sense. Daniel Craig and Eva Green from Casino Royale, along with Nicole Kidman and Adam Godley, are set to star in this fantastic coming-of-age tale with darker undertones. 2001 to 2003 had the Lord of the Rings trilogy, 2005 had Narnia, and 2006 had Eragon, so let's see how the next fantasy-book-turned-epic-motion-picture of 2007 turns out.

Have a happy new year, and I'll see you in 2007! :wink:

Orbituary: Goodbye James Brown, Legend of Soul. Hope you "Feel Good" in the afterlife.
Good luck Saddam Hussein, Tyrant of Iraq. You're gonna need it.

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Re: 2007 Car Chase/Racing Films 10 years 11 months ago #4393

A good start to the inevitable thread, AndreTeh. You pretty much nailed all of the films I had in mind such as Taxi 4, The Bourne Ultimatum and the new Die Hard movie, but what I am looking forward to most is the movie adaptation of the Driver game series - I pray that it sees the light of day this year.
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Re: 2007 Car Chase/Racing Films 10 years 11 months ago #4394

  • carlo
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OOOh yes.... my prayers are with you then SWF! Hopefully the DRIVER Remake will turn out as a 'real' 2007 carchase movie. Stuff like Transformers is not really my cup of tea.
Then I would pray even more for: Mad Max4 and Death Race 3000.
Two lane Blacktop 3000 anybody??...
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Re: 2007 Car Chase/Racing Films 10 years 11 months ago #4395

  • adri
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Thanks a lot Andreteh for this huge review of the upcoming chases of 2007, which indeed seems to be great, i look forward to watching Die Hard and Taxi as the might promise great chases, chases with trucks are always destructive and taxi, well as you pointed out let us hope that its not the same as the third :? , thanks for the videos too they give us a good view of more or less what these chases are going to look.

And just one more thing, werent they going to film a second part of The Italian Job called this time The Brazilian Job?

Thanks guys, lets wait for this great chases 8)
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Re: 2007 Car Chase/Racing Films 10 years 11 months ago #4396

I remember talk of The Brazilian Job, though it seems that it is now planned for 2008. A strange diversion from The Italian Job, so it has raised my curiosity.
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NATIONAL TREASURE 2 10 years 11 months ago #4397

Thanks for your replies to this thread. Gosh, it's been a long time, I haven't seen you all since last year! :P
Lame jokes aside, IMDB lists Driver, Death Race 3000, The Brazilian Job, Indy 4 (working title is Indiana Jones and the Ravages of Time, which is not surprising for our hardworking Harrison Ford), 24: The Movie, Speed Racer and Knight Rider as all slated for a 2008 release. Sorry folks, we may have to wait one more year...
Speaking about Indy, Nicholas Cage will return as another archaeologist-adventurer in National Treasure 2. The first one was quite entertaining, and had an average car chase one-third through the movie, so I'm looking out for this sequel.

On a side note, when are the annual VaRaces Awards held? Who decides the nominees and the winners, is it dhopkins or the forum members? And how do we vote for the People's Choice Award? Sorry, I'm not used to the conventions of this event, so I'm seeking some clarification. :?:

TDIT's exhilarating mashup of the coolest car flick with the best animated film of the year! Fast & Feathered 5 Click sig to watch!
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