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bullitt dvd 11 years 7 months ago #3818

i should have reported this earlier, i found the dvd of BULLITT with STEVE MCQUEEN at K MART during father's day weekend for eight dollars. it was on a special display for father's day,so, it may be hard to find now. it was just the lone dvd not the box set thats being sold with the other 2 dvds. naturally, i didn't get one either so you don't have to scold me for not telling this sooner. the dollar dvds are getting harder to find here. i think everyone has found out about them. i notice certain titles disappear quick. i'll keep looking and reporting back to ya'll.this may not be news to ya'll but a friend of mine in the electronics department of a large retail chain says vhs tapes will soon be history. the dvd market has grown like any new technology does eventually and is cheap enough to be affordable to the public. she couldn't give an exact date but said dvd recorders would be the big christmas item this year. i'd say this spring will be when they get rid of their vhs stuff after the big christmas sell off. the DOLLAR GENERAL STORE has several vhs movies like MEN IN BLACK for $2.50 a piece. we'll have to wait and see what happens.
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Re: CHEAP BUYS 11 years 7 months ago #3820

A lot of releases are no longer becoming available for VHS it seems, although I for one am glad. DVDs are clearly much more convienant with better quality and portability, and can also be played on PC for example. Of course now we have Blu-ray coming up, which I don't think the public is quite ready for in my opinion...
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new deal 11 years 7 months ago #3822

it amazes me how fast things get replaced anymore. if its better i don't mind. i stay in the past too much a lot of the time. i thought 8 track tapes were pretty good myself, then cassettes replaced them. now, cds have replaced tapes and soon ipods will take their place. i need to replace my newer 8mm camera but was told by the same person that they would be gone soon too. dvd camcorders have took their place with mini dv cameras behind them. now, they have harddrive cameras that hook into your computer with no tapes or dvds to bother with. its like getting a new computer, it's obsulete by the time you get it worries me a little too much. we move way too fast a lot of the time, maybe i'm a little old that so bad?you don't want to know what i would like to do with cellphones.they drive me nuts.
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Rise of the machines 11 years 7 months ago #3826

I feel your pain, supercharger. Aah, the relentless march of technology... Personally I'm quite sick of the pervasiveness of iPod. Though it may look the coolest MP3 player around, it lacks in features compared to competitors like Creative, iRiver and others. Before people start calling me a luddite, I want to first say I'm all for technology. High-definition LCD/Plasma TVs are a lot better than their conventional cathode-ray counterparts. Computers now are a huge improvement over MS-DOS times.
The thing that really irks me is the non-stop change in formats and platforms. Sony in particular really gets on my nerves. When they upgraded to PS2, they start changing their game line-ups to be only PS2-compatible. Don't get me started on their stupid format wars over Blu-Ray and Memory Sticks.
Built-in obsolescence is nothing new. Microsoft does that all the time with their new operating systems. Cameras keep offering higher megapixels. I'm all for progress, but at the rate of technology advancement, it's going to leave many poorer folks in the dust.

TDIT's exhilarating mashup of the coolest car flick with the best animated film of the year! Fast & Feathered 5 Click sig to watch!
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Re: CHEAP BUYS 11 years 7 months ago #3829

I agree technology is revolving at too speedy a pace, as I mentioned with Blu-ray which I really do not think the public is ready for, I still think that DVD is a welcome replacement for VHS. Andreteh, I strongly agree with you about iPods, though I have a Sony (sorry :wink: ) Walkman which I believe is superior. In fact in a review of it I described the iPod as white deceitful demons that too many people own...
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THE KING FOR A QUARTER 11 years 3 weeks ago #4512

i was in the GRANVIEW WEEKEND OUTLET mall.a store for other stores returns, and was looking over their dvd section. i was suprized to find several decent movies. my big find was "43, THE PETTY STORY". there is some racing footage and RICHARD PETTY actually stars as himself. it's what they should have done while DALE EARNHARDT SR. was still alive. the big deal is i bought 4 copies for a quarter a piece.what else are you gonna get for a dollar.i was at BIG LOTS, same kind of store, a couple days later, i found a "BLACK ACTION" 10 movie pack dvd collection of black exploitation movies mostly starring FRED WILLIAMSON, such as BLACK COBRA 1,2, and 3. there was also seven other movies from the late seventies like GET CHIRSTIE LOVE,FIGHTING MAD, AND JIVE TURKEY, and a few others. i'll watch them and let you know how they turn out. i found a couple more dollar dvds at our favorite store, WAL MART. they are getting different movies lately. same kind, different movies, but they are still cheap. i'll let you know after i watch them too. i don't like to mention a movie and find out its not worth watching. you never know when you will find a treasure buried in the bunch. i have found a few. i'll report back, keep looking.
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