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NEW CHEAP MOVIES 8 years 6 months ago #9109

i was at the local WAL MART SUPERCENTER, the other day, and found some fairly cheap movies. they have a 2 for 10 dollars section in electronics. i bought NATURAL BORN KILLERS with WOODY HARRELLSON and JULIETTE LEWIS for 4 dollars. i remembered why it was 4 dollars after watching it. the HEMI ORANGE CHALLENGER convertible was the best part of the movie. the special effects,animation, lighting, slow motion,etc, was used way to much. the movie used way too much symbolic imagery to the point of being overbearing. it is a gory, violent, sickening, psychedelic road trip, that i usually go for. save your money on this one, unless you just have to add it to your OLIVER STONE movie collection. they have ANIMAL HOUSE, WRONG TURN, HOT ROD and TUNER car dvd's, a couple of drag racing dvd's, and several other dvd's that are worth buying. i have noticed that KMART SUPERCENTERS are starting to get some cheaper movies in too. they are mostly in the 5 to 10 dollar range. a lot of late 70's and early 80's movie are starting to show up now, but it's hard to remember if most of them are worth watching. i think that is their angle, hoping no one remembers how bad a lot of them were. i may go to ODD LOTS to see if they have anything new. this is THE DVD HUNTER, i'll keep searching.
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Re: CHEAP BUYS, EXPENSIVE GAS 8 years 3 months ago #9149

i found another movie outlet the other night by mistake. i was in my local BP gas station when i noticed they had a discount movie rack, thou they didn't have a huge selection, there were a few gems to mention. i bought THE WARRIORS with MICHEAL BECK, a late 70's gang movie that has no car chases but is overall a really good movie. another movie i found was TUCKER, A MAN AND HIS MACHINE, no sure about any chases but a really good movie. it shows how the TUCKER TORPEDO came to life and the story of it's designer. it was a car like the EDSEL, way ahead of it's time and rushed too much to get it on the market. both are highly collectible cars now, even with the bad press they got at first. these movies range from $4.99 to $6.99, so they are not that bad, you can find them cheaper but they were there in front of me. i recommend either of these movies very highly. they may not be chase movies but are worth watching. i'll keep searching.
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Re:TUCKER, A MAN AND HIS MOVIE 7 years 10 months ago #9269

i rewatched TUCKER,A MAN AND HIS DREAM again the other night. it is still a good movie and does have a chase in it. it's a small police chase but is a chase none the less. the movie is a real post world war 2 history lesson in corporate politics that tried to keep smaller companies down. preston tucker believed in his car enough that he wouldn't sell out to the big three auto makers. a lot of car companies were later bought out and disbanded at a great loss to the consumer. this movie is worth buying just to see that many TUCKERs in one place. there are several street scenes that have different makes and decades of cars going by. the bonus features on the dvd are interesting thou very small compared to bigger movies. this was a GEORGE LUCAS/ FRANCIS FORD COPPOLA film, that alone proves the quality of this movie. sorry, there are no jedi helping tucker in this movie, STAR WARS FANATIC. both of them do commentaries about making this film and COPPOLA talks about seeing a TUCKER when they were being promoted near his neighborhood. this movie is a semi biography so don't expect THE FAST AND FURIOUS.also, this is a whole family movie that even the kiddies can watch, very unusual any more.if you can find it, buy it, or at least rent it.
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Re:CHEAP BUYS AT WAL MART 6 years 10 months ago #9560

i've been in my local WAL MART SUPERCENTER several times lately. i have found quite a few good dvd's in the five dollar bin. i bought BULLET with STEVE MCQUEEN today. i have found COBRA/SLYVESTER STALLONE with TANGO AND CASH as a double pack, jeepers creeps 1and 2, FINAL DESTINATION, the TERMINATOR movies/ARNOLD SWARSENEGGER, and several other movies. there are a few HOT ROD dvd's showing how to build cars. they had a couple of monster truck and car show dvd's with muscle car, hot rod, and a couple of tuner car titles. there might have been one or two of the TRANSPORTER movies too. you have to dig through a bunch of them to find a good one. it's a treasure hunt type of deal. they have several compilation dvd's with 2 up to 4 and more movies in one pack.horror and 70's black action movies make up most of these. you can order these movies cheaper but you have shipping fees too. the dollar dvd's are about gone in stores, they are still on the internet. i'll keep searching.
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CHEAP BUYS 2 years 1 month ago #11501

I found 'HOLLYWOOD KNIGHTS" at K MART for 5 dollars, the oiher day. I haven't seen it in stores here until then. you can order it online but it was right there. it is not a car chase movie but it is a car movie. it has the yellow 57 CHEVROLET BEL AIR PROJECT X magazine car with the blower. there are a lot of other show cars from that era. the cast was full of stars from that time. it's a late sixties version of AMERICAN GRAFFITI with more it wherever it is a great movie
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CHEAP BUYS 11 months 4 weeks ago #11517

I found DUEL with DENNIS WEAVER, the other day at WAL MART is not the most exciting movie, but has its moments. there are a couple of 'yeah that could moments. the speedometer showed him doing over 100 mph. 75 mph was flying in these cars, I used to ride in a 69 dart with the slant six motor. STEVEN SPIELBERG directed this suspenseful, fast paced rollercoaster. the driving in this movie was really top notch, there was a lot of inside curve hillside scrapes that would have wrecked a lesser driver. I give $3.74 for this little gem. which makes it moreof a bargain.
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