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CHEAP BUYS 11 years 10 months ago #3162

i have found a couple of good deals lately. i found JOYRIDE,special edition, with PAUL WALKER at BIG LOTS also called ODD LOTS for 2 dollars.i found two BOB HOPE movies mentioned on this site, MY FAVORITE BRUNETTE and SON OF PALEFACE, at our favorite store, the WAL MART SUPERSTORE for a dollar a piece. i found a couple of others but i need to watch them before i give their names. around halloween,i found CARNIVAL OF SOULS on a dollar dvd. it wasn't much of a movie exceot for the first five minutes.hope to share more with you later.keep looking, they're out there.
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Re: CHEAP BUYS 11 years 10 months ago #3167

Not sure if your a fan of Bob Hope, supercharger, but I think he is actually quite funny in My Favorite Brunette and Son of Paleface and the humour holds up quite well. The car chase in the former is good too.
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BIG HOPE FAN 11 years 10 months ago #3199

yes, i am a big BOB HOPE fan. i think his movies have held up really well over the years. after he become a hit the production values went up too. the cheapness was of his first movies was part of his monologues for a while. he had a lot more range than he was ever given credit for, you could compare him to ROBIN WILLIAMS now. he could play slapstick comedy or play drama too. as all good actors and icons such as him usually are, people just start to remember them for certain parts. BURT REYNOLDS will always be the BANDIT, even thou, he had many other great roles;comedy and action. bob always seemed to have a lot going on underneath his roles, personal problems and pressure i would guess. when he was relaxed,and you could tell it, he gave a great performance. i think thats why he was teamed with beauty types,DOROTHY LAMOUR, etc. and big name men like BING CROSBY, so that his natural nervousness would look like part of the gag.he made for the perfect side kick even when he was the star of the movie. he could catch the butt of a joke and still be likeable even as a cad. i have started collecting his movies lately, as they are not being shown as much after his death, which was a national lost for us like GROUCHO MARX,GEORGE BURNS, and many others.i watch them sometimes with my son and hope he enjoys and understands them as much as i do.later on, i think he will really be recognized as a true comedy great even more than now. you know that they have to die to be really famous deal.
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Re: CHEAP BUYS 11 years 10 months ago #3200

I agree. I think Bob Hope's early work is seriously under-rated and ranks with the great comedy greats like Keaton and Chaplin. Throw in a couple of car chases - one can't complain!
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GOOD SITE 11 years 9 months ago #3322

sorry, this is a US deal only. i found an old catalog from a video site. they are still in business to my suprise. they are called DAYTON MOTORSPORTS VIDEO. the website is called MOTORSPORTSVIDEO.COM . they have about 500 movies all together. their prices vary from film to film but are cheap (12.99-19.99usually, several are even cheaper) and shipping is free. they used to have quantity discounts, it's worth checking on. they have a great selection. their full address is DAYTON MOTORSPORTS VIDEO P.O.BOX#102 BROOKVILLE,OH. 45309 PHONE(937) 833-3461 FAX(937) 883-6220 i have a friend who has ordered off of them, they are a trustable company with good service. check them out for yourself and just like WAL-MART, this is not an advertisement for them, it just seems that way. lol. well, i got to go get me one of them online hookers and play some poker, ha ha.i hope this helps somebody. this site is worth browsing for the rest of our members too.they had a few titles that i hadn't heard of. i'll keep searching.
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Re: CHEAP BUYS 11 years 9 months ago #3325

Thanks for directing us to this site, supercharger. I was particularly impressed with their catalogue of pre-1970 hot rod and auto-racing films. A lot of rare titles available.
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