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GEORGE HARRIS KENNEDY JR. RIP1925-2016 1 year 8 months ago #11508

we have lost another great actor once again. GEORGE KENNEDY was born feburary18, 1925 in new york city and died feburary28, 2016 in middleton,idaho at 91 years old. ironically, George got his start in comedy on THE PHIL SILVERS SHOW in 1959 as MP SGT. KENNEDY. his last role was in 2014 in the movie, THE GAMBLER. he played cops, cowboys, and solidiers, usually the bad guy or the tough was in a long list of tv shows from the 50's onward, mostly westerns that he was so good at playing mixed with cop shows. in between these shows, he would make movies, usually good or highly rated. he made SONS OF KATIE ELDER, FLIGHT OF THE PHOENIX, THE BALLAD OF JOSIE, THE DIRTY DOZEN, and COOL HAND LUKE during his early career alone. later came the disaster movies like AIRPORT and THE POSIDEN ADVENTURE that put him in take charge roles that were made for him.of course, we knew him best from THUNDERBOLT AND LIGHTFOOT with CLINT EASTWOOD , JEFF BRIDGES, and the late GEOFFEREY LEWIS. this is one of my all time favorites, all four hold their ground and gave great performances. he also made BORN TO RACE, a NASCAR MOVIE, not as good but a race movie anyway. George was a man of good size and great personality which was good for his tough man roles but his good heart came through on a few of his movies. these movies usually shined more than others. his teaming with LESLIE NEILSEN in the NAKED GUN movies showed all his talents in one package. I think he should have made made more of these movies. George will be missed by a wide range of fans, all over
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