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HALL OF FAME 3 years 6 months ago #11482

i have mentioned this a couple of times, i think. after losing several good people lately, i've decided to make it a suggestion. it could be seperate or as part of the awards each year. STEVE MCQUEEN would be the first, more than likely. DAVID CARRADINE, JAMES GARNER, BARRY NEWMAN, WARREN OATES, ROBERT MITCHUM,PETER FONDA, and the list goes on forever. you could put in 5,10 or even 20 a year. you could have say 5 stars ex. barry newman, 5co stars clevon little, directors walter hill, 5 assorted categories ex movie,cars, or people behind the scenes, or whatever. this is no where near a definitive list or even a start, just a suggestion to begin with. i would love to see any form of this. best sound track could be another section i put it out there. let's hear from ya'll. RYAN ONEILL,VIC MORRELL,HENRY FONDA, MARTIN SHEEN, NICK NOLTE,SUSAN DAY GEORGE, SALLY FIELDS, BERT RENOLYDS, JERRY REED, i can think of hunderds more. there could be more than 5 stars put in each year or even monthly. bounce it around your brain, let me know what you think.
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HALL OF FAME 3 years 3 months ago #11488

i see there has been some interest in this topic, but no replies. there wouldn't be that much work. you can come up with twenty names off the top of your head you wouldn't even have to have a vote because of so many nominees. i'll bring this up later on down the road. i think it's a idea worth doing. i would like some comments, good or bad, to see how ya'll feel. thank for your time.
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HALL OF FAME, ONE MORE TRY 2 years 4 months ago #11499

i let this go for a year to get some back feed. I got absolutely nothing in response from anybody. there seems to be deadness on here again lately. i'm not on here all the time, but I do show up from time to time. a comment from any of you is better than nothing. I miss several of you old regulars. they're still some regulars on here,DELOREAN MAN, HEAVYMETT, and others.thank you for being here. DEAN JONES and MARTIN MILNER died recently, I haven't got to post them yet they are top 100 hall of famers for sure. HERBIE THE LOVE BUG and ROUTE 66 are two of my old favorites that I saw in first runs. shows my age a little, don't it? let's try this one more time and see what happens. let me know.
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