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TOPIC: Top Ten Car Chase Soundtracks

Top Ten Car Chase Soundtracks 13 years 14 hours ago #1033

Here are my top ten car chase soundtracks, in no particular order:

1. Electra Glide in Blue (James William Guercio, 1973). James William Guercio, manager of the band Chicago also composed all the songs in this film. Not only is there a great motorcycle/car chase in the film, there is a fine selection of tunes, especially the closing song ‘Tell Me’ used in the end credits.

2. Two-Lane Blacktop (Monte Hellman, 1971) A fabulous selection of pop 1960 songs, which almost prevented the film being made available on video and dvd through licensing fees complications, mainly over The Doors' "Moonlight Drive".

3. Vanishing Point (Richard Sarifian, 1971) Great period music that is wholly appropriate to the counter cultural themes of the film. Musically speaking, is there a car chase sequence that can top Kowalski speeding along in his Challenger to the beat of Bowen’s ‘Freedom of Expression’?

4. Joyride (Joseph Ruben, 1977) Usually, the sound tracks of 1970s exploitation drive-in films are dire, given their limited budgets, but this film’s soundtrack is largely composed of top ELO tunes. Worth watching just to hear ‘Can't Get It Out Of My Head’.

5. Pit Stop (Jack Hill, 1969) Not often you get to watch a crash-o-rama extravaganza to the psychedelic sounds of acid rock band, the Daily Flash. The Anchor Bay dvd release of this includes a stills gallery with the opening tune played along with it; almost worth buying the dvd for this alone.

6. Truck Turner (Jonathan Kaplan, 1974) A bad ass movie with a bad ass sound track! Isaac Hayes not only stars in but also composed the music for this film. The opening ‘Truck Turner Theme’ is probably now more widely known for its inclusion in Tarantino’s Kill Bill Volume 1.

7. Bullitt (Peter Yates, 1968) Just as Steve McQueen incarnated sixties cool in his role as Frank Bullitt, so did Lalo Shifrin’s jazz score. A fine set of cues, especially the now justly famous ‘Shifting Gears’ as it nicely sets up the car chase.

8. The Italian Job (Peter Collinson, 1969) Not only is this a great Quincy Jones soundtrack, few car chase films produce out right anthems like the ‘Self Preservation Society’.

And special mention:
9. Gone in 60 Seconds (Dominic Sena, 2000) Although its soundtrack is not particularly memorable, Moby’s ‘Flower’ played at the start makes this one of the best credit sequences in car chase film history.

10. Bourne Identity (Doug Liman 2002) John Powell’s score is accomplished, provides the requisite suspense and is not as annoyingly intrusive as the soundtracks to the Fast and the Furious films or The Transporter for that matter. Once again, Moby provides an excellent tune, ‘Extreme Ways’, this time for the end credit sequence.

Any great soundtracks that I have missed?
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Music 12 years 11 months ago #1042

  • laxy
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Blues Brothers has some great stuff....

The music in the orginal Gone in 60 Seconds is extremely crap!

You are right the opening credits in the 2000 remake are fantastic with the Moby song....really pumps u up for a great car chase movie.

The Starsky and Hutch movie (the new one) has an awesome 70's soundtrack...
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Re: Top Ten Car Chase Soundtracks 12 years 11 months ago #1043

If you mean the music from the original original Gone in 60 Seconds, with the annoying country songs, then yes I agree.
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Re: Top Ten Car Chase Soundtracks 12 years 11 months ago #1044

  • Prowler
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If you've seen the origonal Junkman trailer, you'll notice that they put in a stange country song called 'Junkman' that was sung by Hoyt Axton. I think it fit in, especially with the cars speeding down the country roads and planes doing areo dynamics in the air.
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movie soudtracks 12 years 9 months ago #1306

here is a movie i hardly ever hear mentioned anymore, HEAVY METAL. there are a couple of chase scenes in what can be called cars,taxi scene made long before THE FIFTH ELEMENT.almost every song on this movie is great. there is BLACK SABBATH< BLUE OYSTER CULT, CHEAP TRICK, AND NAZERETH, just to name a few. most of these band were just past their prime when his music was released but was still better than the rest at the time. the two versions of the title track were damn good. it was a great idea to have two artists do different versions. i like both, you can do the don felder"eagles" vs. sammy hagar"van halen" debate. this soundtrack is a time capsule of heavy metal music after it changed from eariler hard rock and before it became hair bands, then later into screaming and way to much bass.i have wore out several copies of this tape. i have it in the car right now, it's a speeding ticket waiting to happen. worth any price thou.
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The Wild Angels (1966) 12 years 3 months ago #2224

Just uploaded The Wild Angels for its motorcycle chase and in the process had to re-watch the film’s great opening sequence of Peter Fonda riding on his chopper to the gnarly sounds of the theme tune by Davie Allen and the Arrows. I am a big fan of this particular moment in psychedelic/acid rock music and have to say that the theme tune to The Wild Angels is on par with the opening music to Pit Stop by the Daily Flash.
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