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The Wraith: Limited Edition DVD

  • Created on Friday, 05 February 2010 14:37
  • Written by Super User


The cult classic car chase film, The Wraith will be getting a special edition DVD from Lionsgate Home Entertainment. Set to be released on March 2, 2010, the dvd will include an audio commentary, interviews , and a featurette detailing the Dodge M4S that starred in the film.


The Wraith is about a teen thats terrorized by a street gang that races and steals cars. A mysterious, invincible black car appears to help the teen get his revenge. The film contains some nice race scenes against a desert background along with some spectacular stunts.    







Autumn Attractions: Quantum of Solace and Taken

  • Created on Saturday, 11 October 2008 23:23
  • Written by Super User

Car chases set in Europe seems to be a defining trait of 2008. Vantage Point kicked it off with its major pursuit sequence set in Spain. This autumn sees the arrival of two European espionage thrillers with their chases set in Paris and Italy.

Liam Neeson plays Bryan an ex-CIA agent in the film Taken who tracks down his daughter who has been kidnapped and forced into the slave trade. Bryan calls upon his previous skills as he tries to retrieve his daughter and punish the gang who has kidnapped her. The word is that the film has two car chases scenes: the first in a construction site, the other a pursuit sequence involving a boat speeding down the Seine. Taken has its UK release in late September.

Daniel Craig returns to the James Bond role that he made his own in Casino Royale. It has been a while since a Bond film has had a standout car chase in it and expectations are high for Quantum of Solace with some reports indicating that the film begins with an extended car chase sequence with Bond, in his Aston Martin DBS, pursued by assassins around Lake Garda. Let's hope that the reports turn out true!

Taken website.
Quantum of Solace website.

Live For Speed - Collateral Collision

  • Created on Thursday, 30 July 2009 19:43
  • Written by carcrashking

collateralcollisionAfter the anticipation created by the Live For Speed - Collateral Collision trailer, it is with much pleasure that Varaces announces the release of the full twelve and half minute version of the film.

A homage to the car chase classics of the past, with a knowing wink to more recent car chase features, Collateral Collision was meticulously directed by Martin Bigg (aka Star wars Fanatic) with the collaborative help from the Live For Speed community.  Collateral Collision is at the same time a tribute to live action cinema and an indication of the potential of machinima film.

Watch Part I and Part 2.

You can post your comments on the film in this forum thread


Live For Speed - Collateral Collision Trailer

  • Created on Saturday, 09 August 2008 00:00
  • Written by Super User
PosterFans of the machinima film The Sims Is About To Get Ugly, which featured the first car chase in the game, will be glad to hear that Varaces forum member and IGCD administrator Star Was Fanatic has come out with a trailer of his next project. Collateral Collision, made through the online racing simulator Live For Speed, represents the next step in depicting car chases in a machinima film.

You can particpate in forum discussions about the trailer in this thread.






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