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First Fast & Furious 7 trailer is brilliantly bonkers

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  • Created on Monday, 03 November 2014 21:51
  • Written by Martin Bigg

Fast and furious 7 posterFive months ahead of its release next April, the first trailer has been revealed for Fast and Furious 7 (or ‘Furious 7,’ as it’s been named in the US) as part of a live launch event in California. Yes, this a series that’s somehow become so colossal it actually had a live launch event to hype up a trailer. It’s another reminder that the Fast and Furious Franchise has become a ubiquitous automotive-action fest – a far cry from its humble street racing roots.   

All the series staples can be found in the trailer: there’s the obligatory black Charger performing a wheelie, scantily clad female extras, and of course Vin Diesel’s gratingly gravelly voice spouting inane one-liners such as “I don’t have friends, I got family” - just as the shot lingers on the late Paul Walker, who was tragically killed in a car accident last year mid-production. His brother stepped in as a body double with Walker’s likeness superimposed via CGI, but it’s said that Walker’s character will retire in the film rather than be killed off.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Fast and Furious film without a preposterous, physics-defining stunt asking you to suspend your disbelief on what a car is capable of. Fast Five asked us to believe two Dodge Chargers could drag a 50 ton bank vault through the streets of Rio, destroying half the city in the process. Not to be outdone, Fast and Furious 6 depicted a fleet of cars taking down a cargo plane on the world’s longest airport using harpoons. And sure enough, the Fast and Furious 7 trailer treats us to a suitably OTT action sequence featuring, brace yourselves, cars parachuting out of a plane in formation, miraculously land on the road together and ambushing an armoured bus loaded with chain guns. It’s a quintessential Fast and Furious hijacking scene, which culminates in a cliff-hanging scene straight out of The Italian Job.

Meanwhile, Jason Stratham and Kurt Russell join the already-overcrowded ensemble cast alongside the likes of Vin Diesel and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. That is too much testosterone to handle. Seemingly, the Fast and Furious aims to become The Expendables of automotive action films.

The franchise may have changed directors, with James Wan (who’s directing credits mostly include horror flicks such as Saw and Insideous) replacing Justin Lin who helmed every film in the series since Tokyo Drift, but the trailer reaffirms that the franchise is showing no signs of slowing down.

Watch the first trailer below and let us know what you think. Fast and Furious 7 roars into cinemas April 3rd 2015.

Wanted (2008)


Due out to hit the cinemas in late June 2008 is Wanted, based upon the comic book novel of the same name. Story follows humdrum life of disaffected slacker Wes Gibson, played by James McAvoy, whose life is transformed when he meets Fox, assassin extraordinaire, played by Angela Jolie. Of more interest to car chase fans though is the film's main pursuit sequence, which features Jolie driving a Dodge Viper and villain in a delivery van down city streets. Since the car chase features heavily in the film's most recent trailer, there may be reason to believe that sequence is one of the film's showcase moments. However, initial word is that it will be a major CGI affair so may not appeal to car chase purists.

More details are available at the film's website.




Speed Racer (2008)

Speed Racer PosterThe Wachowski Brothers, who produced arguably the best CGI car chase in Matrix Reloaded, return to the automotive terrain in their feature film adaptation of Speed Racer based upon the Japanese TV anime series. Some critics have compared the film's stunning visuals with the green screen work in Sin City and the 300. Like the martial art sequences in the Matrix trilogy, viewers can expect set pieces that also stress the impossible with automobiles performing incredible stunts. Although rated PG, the film is really family fare with its overt cartoon aesthetic.

Speed Racer opens in both the USA and the UK 9th May 2008.

Speed Racer website.

2008 Summer Car Chase Releases

Every summer one can expect a fresh crop of car chase releases and it appears that the summer of 2008 will be no different. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull started it off with arguably the most car chase content of the entire Indiana Jones series. And as previously announced Wanted finally hits the screens with its long awaited extended car chase sequence.

Along with these films there are more automotive delights in store. Get Smart, with Steve Carell in the Maxwell Smart role in this feature film adaptation of the 1960s television series, also has a car chase as one of its major action set pieces. Watch the film's trailer for a glimpse.

Amongst the big blockbusters during the 1st July release schedule is Hancock. Will Smith plays a down on his luck superhero, and sees him intervene in a freeway chase that recalls the pursuit sequence in Bad Boys II.  Go to the film's website for more.

Finally one cannot fail to note perhaps one of the most anticipated films of the year, The Dark Knight. One can only hope that the chase sequence featuring the Bat Pod, Batman's military looking motorcycle, will hold its own in comparison with the car chase with the Batmobile in Batman Begins.  Get the lowdown from the film's website


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