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Wanted (2008)

  • Created on Wednesday, 16 April 2008 00:00
  • Written by Super User

Due out to hit the cinemas in late June 2008 is Wanted, based upon the comic book novel of the same name. Story follows humdrum life of disaffected slacker Wes Gibson, played by James McAvoy, whose life is transformed when he meets Fox, assassin extraordinaire, played by Angela Jolie. Of more interest to car chase fans though is the film's main pursuit sequence, which features Jolie driving a Dodge Viper and villain in a delivery van down city streets. Since the car chase features heavily in the film's most recent trailer, there may be reason to believe that sequence is one of the film's showcase moments. However, initial word is that it will be a major CGI affair so may not appeal to car chase purists.

More details are available at the film's website.




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