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Watch a Lykan Hypersport leap through a skyscraper in new Fast and Furious 7 trailer

  • Created on Tuesday, 10 February 2015 21:36
  • Written by Martin Bigg

The unstoppable Fast and Furious franchise isn’t exactly known for subtlety. Indeed, you can always a on Fast and Furious trailer to provide preposterous OTT car stunts, and this second spectacular  trailer for Fast and Furious 7, or Furious 7 as it’s simply known in the US, due out in April, is no exception. The seventh instalment may have changed director with at the helm, but this latest look reassures us it hasn’t in any way lost its momentum.

Much of the second theatrical trailer recycles footage we’ve already seen before, but we do get to see a previously unseen standout stunt that makes the tank stunt in Fast and Furious 6, where Vin Diesel morphed into superman, catching his damsel in distress in mid-air after being catapulted by a flipping tank, look positively pedestrian.

Watch with your palm firmly in your face as a W Motors Lykan Hypersport makes a leap of faith out of a high rise skyscraper, before conveniently crash landing into another skyscraper directly opposite. Right on cue, a suited up Diesel leaps out, leaving it to plummet back to earth and probably kill scores of innocent bystanders in the process. Except this is Fast and Furious, so of course no one gets hurt.  

Quite surprising to see a W Motors Lykan Hypersport feature in Fast and Furious. This could well be the Lebanese supercar’s first ever appearance in a film.

Hopefully this hasn’t film’s best stunts, as trailers have a tendency to do. 

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