31 Greatest Chase Cars in Movie History

Every day during the month of August, VaRaces will detail a great car from movie history. This list is in no particular order, but you can be sure that every vehicle that makes the cut has contributed immensly to the entertainment of those us us who love watching cars go fast, crash, jump, slide, and just plain be awesome.



Day 1

Ford Mustang Mach 1

Gone in Sixty Seconds)

giss 1 mustangmach1


The original 1974 Gone in Sixty Seconds introduced the world to an ordinary Yellow Ford Mustang Mach 1, code named Eleanor. Eleanor was no different than any of the thousands of other Mach 1 Mustangs on the road at the time. It was just a straight from the factory model of one of the last musclecars of the era. Except this particular Mustang was involved in a near 60 minute long chase scene that still stands as one of the best of all time. Beaten, battered and bruised, Eleanor managed to escape capture time and time again, all while carving out a place in car movie history.

 Come back tomorrow as we turn away from the past and look into the future. 


Day 2

Ford Falcon XB

Mad Max

mm falconxb 4

In the future world displayed in Mad Max, the population is sparse and the roads are long vast expanses of asphalt. That's the perfect environment for the supercharged V8 powered Falcon XB that helped launch an iconic series. The Falcon helped Max get revenge on he hardcore roadgangs that terrorized Australia in the original Mad Max, and in the sequel, The Road Warrior, it kept Max alive in a post apocalyptic desert. It's menacing looks and distinct supercharger whine make it one police car you don't want to try to outrun


Day 3

Austin Mini Cooper S

The Italian Job

ij minicooper 2

One car proved that it doesn't always take loads of horsepower to create a great chase. The Austin Mini Coopers that dominated the Italian Job took chases to places where no one expected. Through back alleys, down stairs, and even into restaurants. Their small size , legendary durability, and impossibly nimble handling allowed for stunts that amazed audiences and propelled the Mini Cooper into movie history.


Day 4

Cadillac CTS

The Matrix: Reloaded

mr cadillac 4

The Matrix Reloaded is a film lauded for its digital effects, but one segment of the movie stands out because of the lack of CGI, the car chase starring the Cadillac CTS. The Caddy barrels through the freeway in a scene that forces the car to display its speed, agility, and ability to take a lot of punishment. It's bashed from all sides, riddled with machine gun fire, and even stomped on. The action takes place outside, on top of, and inside the CTS as it dances around traffic at break-neck speeds.



Day 5

Ford Crown Victoria


cv v2


Every story has it's unsung heroes doing the grunt work, and in many car chases, that task falls to the Ford Crown Victoria. Sometimes it's helping the FBI hunt down a fugitive, or a Taxi aiding in the escape of the hero. But most of the time it takes the form of the police cars who's ultimate fate is crashing, flipping, or spinning out of control. The Crown Vic has been a part of more chase scenes than any other car in history, and for that, it has more than earned it's place on the list.

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