The Cannonball Run

The long distance race has been a longtime standard in the car movie genre. These types of movies follow a simple formula. They have a diverse group of people driving an even more diverse group of vehicles. Plus, there's usually an obsessed law enforcement officer or government official who is out to stop the race at all costs. Speed Zone, Gumball Rally, and Death Race 2000 are all good examples of the formula. But the pinnacle of the cross country race movie is The Cannonball Run.

The Cannonball Run is loosely based on the actual, illegal cross country race that was run a few times in the late seventies.A bunch of guys/girls got together to see who could get from one coast to the other in the shortest amount of time. The race involved everything from an Hot Rod Ambulance to Ferraris to Muscle Cars.

The film adaptation of the Cannonball Run contained what has become the standard cliche group of drivers.

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