A Good Day to Die Hard home video release to include hour long car chase featurette

50803 front20th Century Fox has announced that A Good Day to Die Hard will be coming to Blu-Ray and DVD on June 4th, just before Father's Day – who could have predicted that one?

As well as an extended cut of the film (the theatrical release’s running time felt very rushed), the release will be bundled with a surprisingly comprehensive array of extras including:


While the film was a complete car crash both commercially and critically that effectively wrote the well regarded action series off with its wooden acting, sloppy direction and facepalm-inducing OTT action sequences, the extended opening chase (which was reportedly so audacious it took 78 days to film) was undeniably the highlight of the film as a truck rampages through the streets of Moscow in pursuit of John McClane’s son in a Mercedes Sprinter van.

It’s destructive to a fault, however. Like Gone in 60 Seconds 2, watching the truck demolish literally rows of cars is enthralling at first, but it soon becomes rather gratuitous and samey, and the least said about the antagonist’s appalling acting the better. Nevertheless, it’s still a glorious spectacle to behold for those with an appetite for destruction.

Having already endured it in the cinema, I must admit I swore I would never buy the home video release of A Good Day to Die Hard. Considering that the ‘Anatomy of a Chase’ featurette will be an hour long, I may have to reconsider however…

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