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Mercedes take us behind the scenes of A Good Day to Die Hard

  • Created on Sunday, 27 January 2013 18:00
  • Written by Martin BIgg

Since its inception in 1988, Die Hard has become one of the most quintessential action film series. Along with wise-cracks, explosions, and gun-fights, car chases have also started to become a regular set-piece in the last two films. But they were never quite on this scale.

With just a couple of weeks until its release, A Good Day to Die Hard has become one of our most anticipated car chase films of the Die hardyear, and for good reason: from what we’ve seen, it has the potential to become one of the most gloriously destructive chases in recent memory, featuring a truck ploughing through Moscow destroying a cavalcade of cars in the process. And that’s just from the snippets of footage we’ve seen from trailers. 

The fact it took over 70 days to shoot speaks volumes about the sheer scale of the chase. A behind the scenes video courtesy of Mercedes-Benz gives us a more extensive insight of the audacious chase scene, however, so if you don’t want to spoil some of the scenes we recommend you avoid watching the embedded video. If you’re anything like me, though, you won’t be able to resist marvelling over the carnage on display – it’s certainly left me pumped to watch the scene in-full.

In an act of blatant product placement, Mercedes were only too happy to lend the filmmakers a multitude of their vehicles to be trashed, flipped and blown-up. As such, aside from the antagonist’s DARTZ Kombat MRAP truck, you can expect to see plenty of Mercedes vehicles bombing around throughout the film and in the chase sequence, starting with John McClane commandeering Unimog before swapping it for a G-Class, which had its last central car chase role in The Bourne Supremacy. Meanwhile, John’s son, Jack McClane, will be evading the pursuing truck in a Sprinter van.

We’re pleased to see A Good Day to Die Hard adopt an old-school approach to stuntwork, crashing real cars in real streets with convincingly-congested traffic. Having said that, the climactic stunt, in which the truck topples off a bridge down onto the freeway below striking a moving truck in the process, looks as if it has committed the cardinal sin of using CGI. But, even for Die Hard which revels in its OTT action, attempting such a stunt for real would have been problematic to say the least, so we’ll forgive them. I think we’ll have more than enough awe-inspiring destruction to make up for it, somehow.  

A Good Day to Die Hard will be bulldozing through cinemas on February 14th. We honestly can’t wait to see the destruction unfold. 

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